Oh, you guys. I’ve been chipping away on the William Morris HST quilt, and making really good progress. It’s an easy layout, sewn in rows, and there aren’t a lot of seams to match up so assembly is easy.

You know I’ve been wondering if I had enough of the tan Grunge to add the strips between each row, and resisting doing the math. Why? Who knows….just trying to add a little bit of drama to this quilt I guess. Anyway, as you all probably knew from the beginning I do not have enough. In fact, I am two strips short. Aargh!!!

Grunge sashing stripsMy desire to not change the design again was greater than my desire to not buy any more fabric, so finding more Grunge was necessary. Luckily, my local quilt shop has it in stock and in the right color! So now I have an extra yard to play with.

I put together the top and have to admit I love these colors/prints. They are really outside my usual palette, maybe that’s why I like them so much? Hmm…

The quilt is not the original design because the sashing strips have been left out of the center section of the quilt.

Finished HST Quilt

Which brings me to a serious question. Do I take those center rows apart and add the sashing rows as originally designed? Or do I leave it as is because the top is already sewn together? (And it looks pretty darn good!) Decisions, decisions…

HST Quilt

Original design with sashing between center Half Square Triangle blocks

What would you do? (I know – you would have done the math, bought the fabric, and added the strips before sewing the entire thing together – that’s what real quilters do, right?)

For now, the flimsy is finished and my head is swimming with all the quilting possibilities. But it’s not the quilt I originally planned so I don’t know if I can really count it as finished. Yet.  Only time will tell.

The saga of the HST quilt continues….Meanwhile, I need to come up with a name for it. Calling it the HST quilt is so generic! 🙂

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