Today I’m talking about the wrong and right sides of fabric.

Over the weekend, when I was making the back for my latest quilt, I noticed how pretty the wrong side of the fabric was. You can see both the right side (bottom of pic) and the wrong side (top of pic) in the picture below.

Carolyn Friedlander Architextures for Backing

Right Side and Wrong Side

See how the wrong side has that kind of heather look to it? Here’s a pic of just the wrong side.

Wrong side Carolyn Friedlander ArchitexturesWouldn’t that be so pretty to use? In a quilt, as a backing, in a tote or handbag…the possibilities are endless.

I have flipped fabrics before in other projects; most recently in the mini quilt below (you can read more about the mini quilt here)

Tearful Mini QuiltI used the wrong side of some of the prints in the mini to keep the palette muted. Using the right side would have made those squares more noticeable, and that was not the look I was going for.

I know that many of you have also used the wrong side of fabric to achieve a certain look. The reason for this post is to share this info with any new quilters who may be reading, or with someone who has never tried this before. Don’t feel you must always use the right side – it’s okay to flip your fabric if that is the look you need!

What has been your experience using wrong side fabric?

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When Wrong is Right - Using Fabric in a Different Way