I woke up this morning to several inches of snow on the ground and I couldn’t help but feel that kid-like frission of excitement. I always loved snow days when I was a child, and even found them fun when I was older and had a corporate job. Now that my ‘job’ (can we really call quilting a job??) allows me to work from home you would think I would be over the whole ‘snow day’ thing, but I guess I’m not! 🙂

Snow on My Deck


The snow is dancing outside, and I’m dancing in my sewing room having fun making and trimming HST’s. It’s so much more fun to do today because I can look out the window and see the snow blowing around while I’m toasty warm and doing the thing I enjoy doing the most – sewing.

Trimming HST's

The above pic is my trimmings after just getting started – the pile is getting bigger as the day goes on.

Just for fun, I stuck my ruler in the snow to measure it and so far we have exactly six inches. I know a lot of you have or will get a lot more, but for us this is a good amount of snow. (I was too lazy to put on all my winter gear and walk outside to put the ruler in the ground, so this is what is piled on the railing of our deck.)

Snow Measured with Quilt Ruler

So, enjoy your snow day if you have one. I hope all of you are having a Terrific Tuesday!