Yep, we are STILL doing the happy dance!  At my house, at my sister’s house, and probably a few places in between.

You know I went to visit her over the weekend.  And you know she was going to get a quilt and pillow as a surprise.  Thanks so much for not letting the secret out — she had no idea what was making it’s way down the highway toward her house!

She loved it!  You can see it in her face and in her smile, and you could feel it in the hug she gave.  Well, I could feel it — you’ll just have to imagine it. 🙂

Disappearing Nine Patch quilt and pillow

Pic taken in front of the bunk house. She loves it!

I was so happy to gift this quilt to her.  I know you all know that feeling too.  It’s a joyful feeling — I can’t wait to gift another one.  Hmmm….wonder who the lucky recipient will be?? 🙂