This quilt was made for my grandson K. He’s such a cutie, and he loves the outdoors which made the Trail Mix charm pack a perfect choice.

Trail Mix Quilt Finish

Trail Mix Front

The design is simple; I just did rows of blocks. I cut some of the blocks in half and varied their placement for interest.  This is the first time I’ve done a quilt without adding a border around the entire quilt and I really like how the rows flow all the way to each edge.

In addition to the charm squares, I added a couple fabrics from my stash. One of the pieces I added was this green with all the lines.

Trail Mix Quilt Green Stripe Print

I used this fabric in the very first quilt I made ten years ago – it was a gift for my son. Now the same fabric is being used in a quilt for his son!  So cool……

Trail Mix Quilting Detail

The sashing is Kona Chocolate and I love the richness it adds to the quilt. Adding a strip of bright green to the top and bottom breaks up the brown and gives a fun vibe.

The front came together quickly and so nicely.  Then it was time to do the back. I really like pieced backs, but so far I’ve only been brave enough to do strips of fabric. (It’s easy for me to do the math with strips.) So, I kept to what I know I can do, added some of the chocolate and green and used a light brown print for the backing.

Trail Mix Quilt Back

The back of Trail Mix. I’m obsessed with that green!

I opted to quilt straight lines on each of the sashing strips using my walking foot. I didn’t want to quilt the print strips because I wanted to keep some softness.

So, the quilting part should be easy, right?  Wrong!  I fought my way through the quilting with this one because that tan fabric kept wanting to pucker, and stretch, and pull, and basically just misbehave. Oi!  Look how bad this was:

*&($% Puckers!!

*&($% Puckers!!


I wasn’t going to rip out 12 seams so I decided to keep on going and see what happened.  Thankfully, it somehow worked out and by the time I was finished quilting there were no puckers.  I don’t know where they went, but I’m glad they’re gone!

Now here comes confession time.  The tan fabric is a cheapo fabric I picked up at a local fabric store. And by cheap I don’t mean inexpensive. I mean cheap – as in quality. But hey, it matched. While I was working on the quilt I started to question whether I had basted it correctly because how could a fabric act like this? I’ve never had trouble with the way I baste, but I guess it could be a possibility.  But then, when I got to the green strip (good quality quilt fabric) it sewed like a dream. So, lesson learned!

I PLEDGE TO USE QUALITY QUILTING FABRIC ON THE BACK (AS WELL AS THE FRONT) FROM THIS DAY FORWARD!  And if I slip up occasionally, and you catch me, you can slap me with a wet noodle! 🙂

Okay, back to Trail Mix. I love the quilting, it turned out exactly like I wanted and I’m pleased to have my first Christmas present finished!

Front Quilting Detail

Front Quilting Detail

The binding I used was a pre-made I bought on an impulse.  I love how the rings on it looks like the rings on a piece of cut wood, so I think it matches the overall theme of the quilt.

Trail Mix Quilt Binding

I’m very happy with the way this quilt turned out and I know that K is going to just love it!  Now, if I can only hold on to it until Christmas (I may have to gift it to him early).  🙂

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