I’m just popping in with a quicky tip for you today.

When quilting on my Sweet Sixteen, I usually like to bury my threads as I go so I don’t have to face a pile of them after the quilting is finished. This means I’m constantly grabbing a needle to use.

So, to keep one handy at all times I put a piece of magnet tape on the front of my machine. It holds my needle and a straight pin and keeps them within easy reach when I’m working. It’s a cheap and easy solution to always my pincushion – which is always on the other table.

magnet-and-needleAnd, speaking of needles….if you bury lots of threads or have a difficult time threading needles, these Clover Self-Threading needles are just what you need! Snap the threads in the top, bury them, and move on to the next. Easy peasy!

clover-needlesThese two little things are huge time savers for me. I hope you find them useful as well!

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