Afton of Quilting Mod has been publishing a series of blog posts titled 10 Sewing Notions You Need to Know About. Recently, one of the items she talked about was a heat resistant ruler that can be used when turning and pressing seams. I thought this little tool was ingenious.

Last week when I was making the tote bag for the tutorial rewrite, I found myself needing to fold over the ends of the zipper casings. Each end needs folded 1/4″ and then pressed. I always find a way to burn myself when making those casings because that quarter inch is so narrow. Of course, I don’t have that ruler in my sewing room yet so I improvised.

Improvised heat resistant ruler

I used the cardboard piece that came in the charm pack I was using in my project, and I drew a line 1/4″ from the edge.

Then, I folded the fabric to that mark, finger pressed it, and then hit it with the hot iron (after removing the cardboard).

Works like a charm!

Folded fabric on improvised heat resistant ruler

Now all my turned ends are the same width, and none of my fingers were harmed in the making of the tote bag. Yay! I wouldn’t recommend pressing with the cardboard in place – I don’t know how heat resistant it is. But if you find yourself needing to fold over the edge of your fabric and want a consistent size, this cardboard trick will work until you can find yourself the real deal! 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

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