I was talking with a reader who asked me how I hung my mini quilts using Command picture strips. I snapped a couple of pics and sent them to her. It occurred to me that someone else might like to see those pics, so I’m sharing them with you today.

What I do is not groundbreaking or even terribly exciting, but it works for me. 🙂

Here’s what they look like in the package (this is a mostly used package…)

Command Picture Hanging Strips

See the Velcro-like texture on the strips? That is what holds them together – they actually ‘snap’ together.

Command Picture Hanging StripsThe back of both these pieces are sticky. One will stick to the back of my quilt and the other will stick to the wall.

I snap the two pieces together like so:

Command Strips for hanging quilts….then peel the paper off one side and stick it to my quilt back. Give it some good pressure with your hand for about a minute.

Put one set in each corner. I’ve never used these on anything bigger than about 20″ square so I don’t know how big a quilt they will hold up. The package says they will hold up to 9 pounds, so that’s a pretty heavy wall quilt. If I used them on anything bigger than 20″, I would put a set in the middle along the top of the quilt and in the bottom two corners.

After you have all the sets in place on your quilt, just peel the backing off the strip, and stick the quilt to your wall. (By snapping both pieces together and attaching to the quilt first, you can be sure the pieces will line up when you stick them to the wall.)

Voila! Quilt hung, and can easily be removed.

Hanging a mini quiltAs you can see, some of the walls in my house are textured and they work on those walls as well.

I have used these strips on my mini’s for a couple of years and I haven’t had any issues with my quilts coming off the wall, or with the stickiness of the strip damaging my quilts.

However, if that is something you are concerned with I would definitely recommend hanging your quilts in a different way.

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How I Hang Mini Quilts