I’m not getting nearly as much sewing accomplished this week as I had planned for various reasons. But the week has not been a total loss!

I’m in the middle of quilting a customer quilt and will have that finished (fingers crossed!) in a day or so. Then I can get back to the blue/mustard quilt. I like how the quilting looks so far and am excited to work on it again.

I also have to kick it in gear and do another wholecloth baby quilt – I think my niece is going to have her baby earlier than her expected late June due date!

Today I’m sharing a bee block I made for our May Queen – Miss Julie of Pink Doxies fame. Last year when I joined in the Bee Hive bee I asked for this very block in shades of blue/teal/green/aqua and it made a beautiful quilt (see more here.)

Julie has asked for a black/gray/white version of the Chainlink block.

Bee Hive Swarm Beth

I have to say, I’m super obsessed with this block. It makes me want a black/gray/white quilt in the worse way!

These fabrics were pulled from my scrap bins and I have no idea what the two corner prints are. I know they came in a layer cake, but I can’t find which one. I’m on the hunt! If I can find yardage of these I will be making more of these blocks in the future.

Does anyone have a clue what they are?

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