The other day I was searching YouTube for videos of different quilting designs that could be stitched on the HandiQuilter Sweet Sixteen machine. What I found was a channel by Paula Storm that has so many useful and informative videos that featured the HQSS; I really enjoyed watching many of them.

Paula demonstrates different quilting designs, both freehand and using rulers, and makes it possible for you to look at a ruler and see the design possibilities beyond the obvious.

One of her videos inspired me to try one of the designs she was stitching. I went out on a limb and used a contrasting variegated thread…nothing like just diving in! If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have seen this already.

Stitched Flower on Handi Quilter SS

I am so pleased with the way it looks. There are mistakes and places I could have made it better, but for a first try I think it looks great. I decided to do some filler stitching on the background and make a mug rug with my practice piece. Easy back and forth lines really makes the flower pop.

Stitched Flower with Background Fill

The fabric is a very pale blush color, and the thread is a blend of pinks, purples, and yellows. I used King Tut #40 by Superior Threads and it stitched beautifully. I had forgotten I had this thread in my stash and now I want to buy many more colors of it!

King Tut Variegated Superior Threads

For the binding, I found a scrap of Grunge from my Stack o’ Bubbles quilt and it matches perfectly. I did find it difficult to capture the true color in this picture. It is actually lighter and more pink than shown here.

Grunge by Basic Grey

And now I have a lovely mug rug or hot pad!

Finished Mug Rug with Thread Play

You’ll notice I did the binding by machine. Sigh. It looks awful, but I’ll keep trying…. 🙂

Come back tomorrow and I’ll share a recipe for a yummy hot drink – the cup I serve mine in looks so pretty on my new mug rug!

Oh, and click here for the link to Paula’s YouTube channel in case you are in need of your own inspiration.