Bella Solid Mustard, that is.  And a V and Co. print. Oh, and let’s not forget that gorgeous Kona Prussian blue. Sigh…

I have all the pieces cut and there’s a lot of chain piecing happening today.

Chain Piecing Bella Mustard Kona Prussian

See how pretty they are together?

Flying Geese

This is where I am so far:

Flying Geese and HST

I plan on doing a lot of piecing this weekend, provided we don’t lose power. We live on the upper edge of where the ‘monster’ snow storm is going to hit tomorrow and are expecting up to 8″ of snow. So I have stocked up on soup and goodies for the weekend, and plan on just hanging out in front of my sewing machine. Sounds like so much fun!

Be safe, and have a fun weekend!