I was able to sneak in a couple of small finishes this week. It feels good to check these off the To Do list and see that list shrink!

Mom asked me to quilt this little lap quilt for her. It is the third quilt she’s made. I also have her second one to quilt, but I quilted them out of order. πŸ™‚

I like getting Mom’s quilts because it allows me to practice quilting designs or techniques I’m not entirely comfortable with. For this one I wanted to work on another pantograph – I’ve only ever done one – and see if it would be easier/better the second time around.

Good news…it was easier!

Pantograph Design on QuiltThe first time I tried a pantograph I was the very new owner of my longarm. Freddie (my HQ Fusion) and I had not been together long enough to find our quilting groove. It took me a while to understand the movement of the machine and to be able to stitch a decent curve. While my curves sometimes still look a bit squashed, they are definitely improving and I have much better control of the longarm.

Which all translates into a better looking stitched pantograph. Free motion quilting and ruler work is my first love however, I feel it’s important to be able to offer pantographs as an option to my customers.

One of the things I did differently from the first time I tried a pantograph was to slow down.Β  Breathe. Hard to do, because I want to just zip right through, but for me it was necessary so I could stay on track. I actually started thinking about the longarms we run at the quilt shop. They are computerized, and when they stitch a digital design they move at a slow and steady pace. So I consciously tried to keep that in mind when I was quilting and as a result I got better results than I did the first time.

I tried to capture the texture and design in the pictures below.

Quilting Texture

Panto DetailThere are places in the design that may be a little off track and some of the curves look a bit flat, but once the quilt was finished those places were difficult to find. After washing, all that will be left is all that yummy texture. I’m pretty pleased with this finish, and I hope Mom likes it too. But of course she will – she’s my Mom!

If you like the panto, it is called Gusty and I purchased it from Urban Elementz.

The second finish I had this week was this fun shamrock table topper by Emily. She asked for a quick meander using green thread and it was an easy project.

I had this one loaded, quilted, and trimmed in less than 30 minutes. These kind of quick projects are so satisfying!

I’m sharing these finishes on Finish it Up Friday and Finished or Not Friday. Be sure to visit for some great eye candy and inspiration!

That’s it for me today. I hope you have a happy weekend and make time for cooking up a quilt or two! πŸ™‚