I feel so accomplished this week you guys, seriously, I feel like I have gotten so much done. I think the more packed my schedule is the more productive I am because I cram to check items off my To Do list. Do you do that?

I have to say, my Quilter’s Planner has really helped keep me on task this week. I love that planner!

Anyway, I wanted to share this lovely quilt I worked on for my niece this week. I love the story behind this little beauty and thought you might too.

Tablecloth QuiltI was so happy when I got this top to quilt. I call it the Tablecloth Quilt. I don’t know what Michelle will call it, but that’s my name for it. You see, all these fabrics are from old tablecloths that were used by her husband’s grandmother. Grandma passed away not too long ago and the family has been packing up her belongings. Michelle rescued these tablecloths from the dumpster – can you believe someone was throwing these away?!?!

The really cool thing about the quilt is that there are pictures of Michelle’s husband as a boy eating dinner with his Grandmother and these tablecloths are being used on the table. How cool is that?

The fabric has been washed so many times over the years that it has softened into scrumptious deliciousness. I wish you could feel this quilt.

Tablecloth QuiltThese little orange flowers stole my heart. And those strawberries!

Tablecloth QuiltCan’t you just see a table covered in this yellow print? Lovely…

The backing is made from an old curtain panel that was also salvaged from the dumpster. It has the same yummy softness and adorable tiny pink flowers.

Backing of Tablecloth QuiltAs you can see, I kept the quilting to a minimum. The fabric is so delicate I don’t think it would stand up to much quilting. Mostly though, I wanted the quilt to stay super soft and cuddly. It worked. I would love to cuddle in this quilt.

It measures about 41″ x 47″ and was a fast finish. I had it basted and quilted in just a couple of hours.  Michelle is expecting a little girl in June and I think this is the perfect quilt for her new baby. I am *so* happy Michelle was able to keep these tablecloths and make this quilt. I love quilts that have a story to tell.

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