It’s raining purple at my house. Lots and lots of purple.

This is a top I am quilting for a client. I am amazed at all that hand stitching!

Cross Stitched Quilt Block

The quilting is pretty simple. Just echo all the shapes inside and around the star. Straight line quilting between the blocks. I can get a bit creative in the two borders, but other than that just keep it simple. You can barely see the quilting on the block above.

I did add some star quilting at the intersection where the blocks meet:

Star quilting

I traced the center portion of the block and made a paper template. I marked the points with a blue washable marker and then used a ruler to connect the dots.

Normally, I wouldn’t mark a customer quilt in this way. However, these blocks are marked with blue lines for the quilting and she will be washing the quilt when it’s finished, so she is okay with the marking.

I can’t tell you how badly I want to just quilt the heck out of this. I mean, look at all that space!

Purple quilt blocks

But the client doesn’t want to invest a lot of money in the quilting so I have to restrain myself. It’s terribly difficult for me! 🙂

It is my hope this will be done so I can deliver it to her tomorrow. I have a few little stars to add at the intersections and the large border left to do. So, if I get off the computer and get to the machine I might get it finished! Okay, I’m off to do my thing….

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