You guys are not going to believe what I stumbled on yesterday! I can’t believe I found these and now they are hanging out in my sewing room. Whoop!

I can hear you asking – what did you find Beth?


Pineapple blockThirty-seven (!) 15″ pineapple blocks. Just waiting to be made into a beautiful quilt.

Here’s the whole stack of blocks.

Pineapple BlocksI have wanted to make pineapple blocks for a really long time. Now I can put these together, and maybe that will scratch that itch. Or not.  Who knows? I just can’t believe I have them.

But WAIT – there’s more:

Pineapple Blocks 2Another 30 blocks in a different layout!

Yesterday our quilt guild held a ‘garage sale’ where members brought in sewing related items they no longer wanted or needed. All 67 of these blocks, plus extra fabric, were stuffed in a large plastic bag. I paid $20 for everything. I almost felt bad because it’s such a steal!

I was too polite to ask why these were never put into a quilt, after all I’m a newbie there, but I really wanted to scream – “why were these never put into a quilt??” I’ve calmed down some since then. 🙂

Now I have another project to add to my ever-growing To Do list. But that’s okay. These blocks deserve to be put together and quilted, and I’m going to find the time to do it. Sometime this year….

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