A few weeks ago a friend asked me how I join the strips I cut for binding. She was having a problem with her strips lining up. As I was showing her, I thought this info would be useful to some of my readers so I’m sharing it here with you today.

This technique is not my own, and many of you may join your strips in this way. I found this is the easiest way for me to keep my strips lined up, and it works for me every time no matter how wide I cut my binding strips. So here we go!

Note – I mark my strips while sitting in front of my sewing machine, right on my extension table. That way after I mark my line I can just slide the strips under my needle and stitch away. I don’t pin my strips together. Feel free to pin them if you are more comfortable doing that – it’s just a step that I found I don’t need to do.

Step 1: Place two strips right sides together. They will lay perpendicular to each other. The trick to this technique is to have each end extending past the opposite strip. I usually extend the ends about 1/8″, but it doesn’t matter – don’t stress about how far the ends extend. Just try to keep both ends extended approximately the same length.

Joining Binding Strips 1

Step 2: Draw a diagonal line from the outside corners. Your line should begin and end at the intersection where the ends extend past the strips. (See placement of the ruler in picture below.) Carefully pin the strips together, or move under the needle on your machine.

Joining Binding Strips

Step 3: Stitch beside the line. This is important – do not stitch directly on the line. Stitching beside the line is the same as stitching a scant quarter inch seam. If you stitch on top of the line, when the fabric is flipped right side up the line of stitches takes up a tiny bit of space and your two strips won’t line up correctly. It seems like a silly thing but trust me, stitching beside the line really makes all the difference. In the picture below you can see how I have stitched beside the drawn line.

Joining Binding Strips Tutorial

Step 4: Trim the corner, leaving a quarter inch seam allowance.

Joining Binding Strips Tutorial


Step 5: Flip the top strip over and press the seam. Voila! A perfect join!

Joining Binding Strips TutorialStep 6: Continue joining strips until you have the length of binding you need.

If you have difficulty joining binding strips that are even and aligned, I hope you find this method helpful. My binding looks so much better since I started using this joining technique.

Happy Sewing! :)