Welcome! Today I’m excited to be joining the New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop organized by Beth at Plum and June. I really appreciate Beth working so hard to put this together – it’s been an amazing experience and I love seeing and “meeting” all the other quilt bloggers in this group. I hope you take some time to visit the blogs listed at the bottom of this post – they are full of inspiration and fun and I know you’ll enjoy your visit.Plum and June Blog Hope

So, on to me and my blog! My name is Beth and I’m a very new blogger (less than two months). I started blogging for a few reasons:

  • First, I wanted an easy way to share with my sister and her quilty friends projects that I’m working on (she lives 3-1/2 hours away, and I’m an honorary member of her quilt group, yay!),
  • I’d like to connect with others who share my excitement and passion for all things crafty. My sister is the only other person I know who quilts. Finding all these great people through the Blog Hop has been amazing!
  • I also want to (hopefully) show new quilters that it’s okay to not be perfect, most especially in the beginning. There is a learning curve with quilting, just like anything else, and we are going to mess up or make mistakes. I’d like to chronicle my journey through the quilt world so I can see the growth over time.

    Messed Up Points

    See all those messed up points in the center?? LOL

Ahhhh…..see those points?!

I made my first quilt in 2004 with a group of friends I worked with. We spent the summer sewing and I made two quilt tops. I’m so proud of those two quilts. The first one I made is waiting for me to show it some love and get it done! The second one I had quilted and bound by a professional and gave it to my oldest son. I love that he still has it. It was a log cabin quilt done in greens/blues because he loves the outdoors. I don’t have any pictures of that quilt, but here’s the one that still needs quilted.

Winning Hand Quilt Top

My first ever quilt top!

Even though I like “traditional” quilts and colors, my style has evolved to something more modern and contemporary. Because I’ve only just started quilting again, I don’t have a big portfolio of completed projects to show yet. However, you can get a feel for the style of things I like by the few things I have done so far:

Table Runner

Quilt-As-You-Go Runner. This one was fun!

I love the backing fabric.  It adds great personality to the quilt.

I love the backing fabric. It adds great personality to the quilt.

I have lots of ideas for projects I want to complete, but like everyone else, I have more ideas than I have time. Part of my problem is I spend a lot of time on the computer looking at all the great things other quilters are doing. There’s a lot of inspiration out there!

The tip I’d like to share with you is to just enjoy the process. Every step. Since I’ve started quilting again, I find myself focusing on each step, trying to do the best work I can, but I don’t get all worked up if I mess up. I laugh at myself – a lot! 🙂 It makes me happy when I learn a new technique and I admit, frustrates me when I struggle. But at the end of the day I just want to enjoy the entire quilt making process and be proud of what I’ve accomplished.

Here’s another tip – if you’ve been wanting to try spray basting but find yourself hesitating, I say go for it! I read a lot about it and wanted to try it but was afraid I would mess up the top I spent so many hours putting together. Then I used it for the placemats I’m working on and the Disappearing Nine Patch I just finished quilting and it’s great. Be sure to use it outside or in a well ventilated area. I like it so much more than pinning, and it didn’t mess up my machine at all! 🙂

Is there a quilting technique you were afraid to try? The next one on my list is free motion quilting…..I’m almost ready!   I’d like to hear about what you’ve tried and what you like (or dislike) about it.

 P.S.  Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts has a great inpirational post on machine quilting.  You can read about it here.

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Happy Quilting!