I know, I know! Not another new project….I just can’t seem to help myself right now.  You guys should see my sewing room.  It looks like a fabric explosion happened in there.  I’m so lucky I can just close the door and walk away.  🙂

When I confessed my ten quilty secrets, one of the things I said was that I like to read process posts almost more than a post about a finish.  I think those types of posts are a great learning tool, especially when the blogger shares the problems they may have had and how they made it work.

In an effort to share more of my bad and good I want to commit to writing more process posts. So I’ll try to be better about documenting in photos and text my projects from start to finish.

My newest project is the result of some doodling I did one evening when I was home by myself.  I thought it might be fun to see if I could come up with a design for a quilt since everywhere I look lately I see quilty inspiration. I scooped up some graph paper and colored pencils and went at it.


Several sheets of paper later I had a patchwork type sketch that I liked. It’s simple squares arranged in X’s and O’s, therefore the name Hugs & Kisses. I’m sure there is someone in the world who has made a quilt just like this, and if I look hard enough I can probably find a pattern.  But since I was at it and there wasn’t anything interesting on TV, I went ahead and did the quilty math.  I know some of you love quilty math, but geesh, it’s not my strong point!

Anyway, after letting it sit around for a few days I thought I would try to make this quilt.  I had some solids in my stash and decided to keep the design to two colors like the drawing. Since the name is Hugs & Kisses, what better color than the Kona Pomegranate I just bought?  It’s a dark pink that almost looks red. I paired it up with some white and started cutting.


I know there’s probably an easier way to build this quilt but I’m just figuring it out as I go. (You can see all my pencil scratching on the sketch.) There are a lot of 4 patch and 9 patch units so it’s going together pretty quickly.

Right now my main issue is the finished size. On paper, and according to MY math, with thirty-one 2-1/2″ (finished size) squares, the quilt should finish at 77.5″ square.  But seeing it on the design wall it certainly looks like it will be bigger. Of course I don’t have the rows sewn together yet and the size will shrink 1/2″ with each seam so I’m hopeful I calculated correctly. A 77″ quilt is big, so when I make this again, I’ll shrink those squares. My original thought was that I didn’t want to be working with small pieces, but there’s room to make them smaller and have them still be comfortable to work with.

Patchwork Quilt


I am really enjoying this entire process. It’s the first time I’ve sketched something out and attempted to create it. Most of the time I’ve just starting laying out precut pieces and seeing where it takes me.  What’s your favorite way of designing your quilts?

I’ll keep you updated on how this works out.  I love the original design, but it may end up with two less X’s and O’s on it.  I’ll just have to see where it takes me….

Hopefully I’ll get something finished before I start anything else, but I’m not making any promises.  I had a delivery from MSQC today and the fabric inside has me drooling! 🙂

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Enjoy your day and I hope you get to sew something fun!