Yesterday I read a post written by Amy at 13 Spools where she talks about her ten quilty little secrets. It was so refreshing to read her post and find I’m not the only one who has quilty secrets. So I’m joining in the fun and letting my secrets out. Ready? Here we go:

1. I don’t understand the hype about Aurifil thread. Is there really a noticable difference in the thread we use in our quilts?? I use Gutermann from {gasp} JoAnn’s. There’s a great selection of colors and it doesn’t lint up my machine. I will admit, if a local store stocked Aurifil I might try it just to say I did. But no one stocks it and I’m not ordering it.

2. I always iron instead of pressing. I’ve never ended up with a wonky seam due to ironing.

3. I baste my quilts on my kitchen island. I don’t tape down my back fabric. No, it’s not a huge island and the quilt pieces hang over the sides. But I’m able to get everything smoothed and wrinkle free and it works for me.

4. Cotton & Steel? Oh, I’m trying but I’m not sold on it. I even joined a C&S swap to try and like it. It didn’t work. Whew! I said it – out loud.

5. I enjoy reading “process” posts more than the ones about finished projects. Don’t get me wrong, I like seeing finished projects but the process it took to get there is more interesting to me.

6. I cut on a warped cutting mat. I bought it ten years ago and it warped during storage (gah!). I’m too cheap to replace it and since the warp is on one end I just use the other end to cut on.

7. I’ve never pre washed a piece of fabric.

8. I love to hand stitch my bindings. Don’t like the look of machine quilted bindings. (Don’t shoot me!)

9. I don’t have a system for keeping my scraps. Right now the ones I have are all stuffed in a couple plastic shoe boxes.

And here’s the biggest secret: {deep breath}

10. I throw scraps away!

Now it’s your turn. Trust me, you’ll feel better getting it out in the open. 🙂 You can confess here or write your own post. If you post your secrets, be sure to let us know so we can read all about it!

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