So, apparently I was off in LaLa land last week. Yes, that is a real place. At least in my world… I totally spaced out and let Monday and Tuesday pass me by and didn’t even think about a Main Crush Monday post until Thursday. At that point I figured I would just wait, especially since I couldn’t turn back the clock and hop back to Monday. I hope you’ll forgive me!

My crush for this weeks MCM is a very special quilt, and I’m excited to share it with you.

Lately I have been honored to get to quilt and repair older quilts. While it’s fun to quilt more contemporary tops, and play with quilting motifs in a more modern way, working on older quilts helps me connect with this craft in a way nothing else can.

hand stitched piecing

The quilt I recently finished was pieced by my client’s husband’s grandmother. They found the top when sorting through boxes after his mother passed away. All the squares finish at approximately 2-1/2″, and every one of them is hand stitched.

hand stitched piecing

The design we chose to quilt on the top is a modified orange peel stitched on every other row. I used Omni Natural White thread on the top, and it just melts into the busy prints. I love that the quilting is barely visible. After all, the focus really should be on these fabulous pieces of fabric.

I used a small oval ruler for the quilting. The ruler work required me to touch every piece of fabric in the quilt. I was about half way through the quilting when the enormity of what I was doing hit me.

I began thinking about the woman who spent so many hours stitching those tiny squares together. Who was she? What season of her life was she in? Why was she making this quilt? Why was it never finished? And I began to really see each piece of fabric. Where did they come from? Were some of them pieces of her clothing? Was this one part of a blouse, or maybe an old dress? Maybe they were feedsack pieces. Or were some of them scraps given to her by other women? So many questions..

As my fingers skimmed over the top, I felt so connected to this woman and to the past. My hands were touching the very pieces she had touched. And I was overwhelmed that I was given an opportunity to finish this quilt for her family. Two women, years apart in time, working on the same project. Out of nowhere tears starting streaming down my face. I’m so glad no one was home to see me because I felt so foolish. I mean, who cries over a quilt?? Especially one that doesn’t even belong to me?

As I thought about it, I realized that my emotion comes from knowing how attached the family is to this quilt and how special it is to them. My client will be gifting the finished quilt to her husband, and plans on displaying it proudly on her living room wall. His mother and grandmother have both passed, and this is a piece of them that he will always have.

This is a true scrap quilt, and it is beautiful in its simplicity. I love quilts that tell a story, and this quilt is part of a family’s love story.

Do you have a special quilt in your life?

Many thanks to Brenda and her family for letting me quilt this.

That is my crush for this week, now it’s time for you to share yours! What has you excited to be in your sewing space this week? You can link any blog post, Instagram or Flickr pic – here’s how:

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