Last week my husband and I took some time to visit his cousin, who lives a couple hours away from us. We had a lovely day for a drive, with the sun bright and the temps  moderate in the low 80’s.

During our visit, Kathy (hubby’s cousin) showed us a quilt she had received from her Aunt. Aunt Jean’s only request when she gave Kathy the quilt was that it stay in the family.

All the piecing was done by hand and it was hand quilted. Aunt Jean isn’t sure exactly who  pieced the quilt but she does know it was made by a family member and it was made around 1935. Kathy had it wrapped in a pillowcase and stored on a shelf in her closet.

The simplicity of the design and the color palette made my heart sing.

Grandmother's Quilt pieced in 1935

The pattern is called Grandmother’s Favorite and is a pattern published in the Kansas City Star in 1932.  The quilt was appraised in 2003, and the appraisal report was kept with the quilt. It provides a lot of information that we normally wouldn’t have.

There is some staining on the quilt, and I tried to get a close-up picture. There is also some yellowing where the quilt was folded and tucked away. The yellowing is mostly down the middle of the quilt and it shows in the above photo.

Grandmothers Favortie Quilt

The hand quilting is exquisite. I could just study it for hours.

Hand Quilting detail

The maker did not put a label on the quilt, but Aunt Jean did when she received it. I am not good at labeling my quilts, and my best friend is always griping at me about it. Even though I know I should label my quilts, it’s just something I don’t take the time to do. Seeing this quilt gave me a greater appreciation of the importance of labeling. Because who knows – 85 years from now someone might want to know the origin of a quilt made by me!

So lesson learned, and I’m going to share it with you. Label your quilts, people! 🙂

Quilt Label

The binding is shredded pretty much around the entire quilt (see above). I want to put a new binding on and am thinking about leaving the original binding and just putting the new one over top of it. If you have repaired or restored old quilts before, I would appreciate your input.

Oh, I forgot to mention the best part! When hubby and I got ready to leave Kathy’s house, she handed me the quilt. She told me she isn’t into quilting, neither are her sisters, and she knows I would appreciate and love the quilt the way it should be loved. And it would still be in the family. I was so moved and I feel so blessed to have this piece of family history.

So this beautiful quilt is my crush for this weeks Main Crush Monday, and I think it’s a great crush. What do you think?

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