When I wrote my first blog post several years ago, I never expected blogging would have such an impact on my life. This platform has opened doors for me, has allowed me to learn and grow as a quilter, and given me friendships with people that I never would have met in my ‘real’ life. I am so grateful.

Last week I received a package in the mail. It was squishy and my first thought was that fabric I ordered had arrived. Only I wasn’t expecting any fabric. The label was hand written, but I didn’t recognize the return address. I put the package on the kitchen counter with the other mail and continued to put away groceries and such, all the while wondering what was in the envelope. After I finished my chores, made a phone call and changed clothes I finally took the time to open the mail.

When I opened the envelope and saw what was inside, I immediately had tears fill my eyes even though I was smiling the biggest smile!

Flower Mini QuiltInside was this mini quilt, which I immediately recognized as similar to one made by Vicki of Vicki’s Crafts & Quilting earlier this year. I fell in love with Vicki’s original mini and commented to her that she could ship it off to West Virginia if she was looking for something to do with it.

So imagine my surprise when she made a second quilt and sent it to me without saying a word to me about it!

Mini Flower Applique QuiltI absolutely adore this quilt! I love the style, the colors, the quilting, and the beautiful applique stitches. Vicki is sooooo talented, and it shows in all of the details of this quilt.

I mean, just look at this quilting! It’s an easy grid, but so effective and I can’t wait to copy this on one of my own projects. 🙂 And her applique stitches are just perfect, both front and back.

Grid quilting

The backing fabric is as fun as the front, with the print echoing the petal shapes on the front.

Fun backing fabric

Words can’t explain how I felt when I saw what Vicki had done. I am overwhelmed at her generosity and hope to meet her in person one day. Then I can give her the hug she deserves in person!

If you aren’t familiar with Vicki’s blog, run on over and check it out. She is super talented and creative, and her quilting is always inspiring to me. Vicki (and this super cute mini quilt) are my crushes for this week’s Main Crush Monday.

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