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Last week I made a lot of progress on the quilting of my sister’s quilt. {Insert happy dance here} I am so pleased with how quickly it is coming together and, if all goes well this week, I might be able to get it finished.

So far I have 14 hours of quilting time in this project. It took several hours to do the stitch in the ditch on all the blocks and on the borders. I didn’t spend much time coming up with a quilting design – Sister3 likes the quilting shown in the pattern so I am trying to do pretty much the same thing.

Quilt Detail Twirl QuiltI haven’t figured out a very consistent traveling pattern so there are more threads to bury than I would like. But I am tying them off as I make them, so that may save me some time when I am ready to start burying the threads.

Quilting Design Twirl Pattern

I tend to be a bit impatient on some projects, but when I get a top ready to quilt I just relax and enjoy the process. Maybe I relax a bit too much and take it a little too slow, but that’s okay. I really love feeling the texture as I work on the quilt and seeing it all come together. I admit – sometimes I spend a bit too much time just petting the quilts…. 🙂

I do wish we were using a thicker batting. We chose Quilters Dream Cotton Select in White. I really like the QD batting and the way it drapes and stays soft when quilted. But it is pretty thin, and I would like for the quilting design to ‘pop’ a little more. But it is what it is, and I am sure Sister3 will love it no matter what.

Quilt Design Twirl Pattern

This beautiful quilt is my crush this week. I am so hoping to get it finished so I can work on a couple of other projects that need my attention. But this is definitely Priority 1!

What are you crushing on this week? I know that many of us are super busy at this time of the year, but I hope you are finding time to spend doing something you love! I would love to see your projects – you can link up any blog post, Instagram or Flickr pic. Here’s how:

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