I didn’t spend much time in the sewing room last week. We had family over on Thursday for Thanksgiving, so there was shopping, cooking, and cleaning to do. If you celebrated, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day!  On Friday, my friends and I did a bit of shopping but mostly just had fun hanging out.

I did get to work on my orange scrap quilt on Saturday, but didn’t make as much progress as I wanted. I have to say I love the way the blocks look and am excited to finish this one. The bottom left two blocks in this pic are the only two blocks sewn together. The others should go together pretty quickly today.

Orange Scrap Quilt Blocks

I’m still debating whether to add sashing, and if so, how wide I want it. There is another row of blocks on the bottom, I just don’t have room for them on my wall. So, with sashing and a border or two, it will be a decent lap size quilt. I also think sashing will give the eye somewhere to rest; because of the busy-ness (word?) of the blocks, I think sashing is really needed. What do you think?

Can I tell you what I’m not crushing on right now? That darn t-shirt quilt… Karen and I worked on it yesterday, and we’re making slooowww progress. We both are over it; the only thing keeping us going with that project is pure love for the sweet person who wore those shirts. I still haven’t taken any pictures of it yet – hopefully I’ll remember to do that when we work on it again.

Back to what I am excited about:

Flying Geese pieces cut with die

The fabric cutter I ordered last week was delivered on Friday and I was too tired to even open the box. How can that happen?! Anyway, I played with it some on Saturday and am happy to report I made darn near perfect flying geese! With no trimming! I was beside myself with pure happiness. 🙂

See the pretty geese? Ignore that they look a bit off – I was playing with my seam allowance.

Flying Geese

Next on my list to try are half square triangles. I hope they work as well as the flying geese since I use HST in most all of my projects.

So that’s what I’m crushing (and not crushing) on this week. How about you? I would love to see what has you excited to be in your sewing space. You can link up any blog post, Instagram or Flickr pic – here’s how:

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