You might remember that last week I revealed my cabinet of shame – a mess of a cabinet with all my fabric in it. Sharing that with all of you didn’t hurt as badly as I thought it might,Ā šŸ™‚ so I am now ready to show you the closet where I keep my scraps. It’s just as bad as the cabinet was….

Scrap Closet - Before PicSee? Ouch!

(Did you spy the bags of cookies?? Someday I’ll tell you about them!)

This closet serves double duty. All my quilting things are on the left side. The right side stores all of my jewelry making supplies. Yes, I make jewelry. Well, I used to. Right now, all my time is spent quilting. I have debated with myself about losing the jewelry supplies, but you never know, I might want to go back to that some day so for now they stay.

The closet is small, and has two sliding mirrored doors. As you can tell from the pic, I have a table that sits in front of the door on the right side which is okay since I’m never in that side of the closet. With a little maneuvering I can access the right side if needed. It’s a solution that works for me for now. But now, back to the closet.

Just like the cabinet, the first thing I did was remove everything from the closet. Talk about a mess. I had stuff everywhere! But it was the perfect time to sort and group like things together. I had large pieces of fabric that I know in my heart I will never use and I was able to donate them to a local quilt group. It felt good to let go.

Let me share a bit of advice. If you are holding on to pieces that you think you should keep because someone gave them to you, or because you think you might use them someday or because you think you should use them someday – let. them. go. Your local quilt guild or Linus group will love receiving them. We also have a local woman who collects fabric and batting scraps to use as stuffing in dog/cat beds for the animal shelter. Someone will find a use for those pieces and they will be way more useful than just sitting on a shelf in your closet.

Back to the closet. This is the after.

Organized Scrap Closet

On the top shelf is a basket which holds all my longarm supplies – rulers, bobbins, needles, oil, gloves. When I’m ready to quilt I can just bring down the basket and have everything I need at my fingertips. Beside that is a bin that stores smaller pieces of interfacing, fusible fleece, and a couple of zipper pouches I can use as gifts.

The next shelf holds the dies for my fabric cutter, spray baste, tape for hanging quilts for pics, and samples of FMQ designs.

All my scraps are stored in shoebox size plastic boxes I picked up at Walmart for $0.97. They are divided by color. Neutrals, yellow/orange, red/pink, blue, green, black/gray. These are small scraps that are too small for the larger scrap bin I showed you last week. You can see that these scrap bins are getting full. The lids won’t even close on a couple of them, so it’s definitely time to make another scrap quilt. I love the Scrambled tutorial, and am thinking of using that….maybe in blues/greens?

The pretty floral box was a Christmas gift and holds leftover pieces of binding. I almost always cut my bindings 2-1/2″ wide, so if I need strips for something I can find them in that box. Beside the box are supplies used for making bags/baskets.

There are a couple bolts of fabric and a bolt of Wonder Under for applique projects on the next shelf.

The bottom shelf holds pieces of flannel in the zig zag bin, and a small bin of scraps from the Patriots quilts I made last year.

Some of the fabric was moved to my cabinet, as they were larger pieces and would be good for backings. The fabric cutter, which isn’t shown in the second picture, is actually stored on the floor in front of those shelves. It’s the perfect storage spot for it and I can easily move it if I need to access that bottom shelf. The packages of batting have been moved to the top shelf on the right side of the closet.

So there it is. Looking much better and I can find what I’m looking for much more quickly. This organized space is my crush for this week!

Maybe next week we can talk about WIP’s. šŸ™‚

Now it’s time for you to share your crush this week. I can’t wait to see what you are working on – each week I am so excited and inspired by all your projects. Remember, your crush can be anything that’s related to sewing/quilting. There were several new bloggers who linked last week, I hope you had a chance to visit them and leave a comment. Let’s share the comment love!

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