Last week was tough and I didn’t make a lot of progress on customer quilts. I had a busy work/class schedule, and a couple days where my back decided I needed to rest. I don’t like days when I want to get a lot accomplished but the body says ‘ain’t gonna happen today girlfriend.’ 🙂 On top of the back issue, I’ve been fighting a toothache all weekend so it all feels like a double whammy. Hopefully I can get in to see my dentist today and he can take care of the problem.

In addition to the back thing, I had a severe case of what I call Quilter’s Block. You know, when you want/need to get a top quilted but have absolutely no idea how you’re going to quilt it? That was me with Cindy’s Radiant Log Cabin quilt.

Radiant log cabin quilt

A couple weeks before I was ready to load the quilt I started to sketch out some quilting ideas. I had a few, but nothing that really felt right. So I let it sit for a few days and then came back to it. Again, nothing. This happens occasionally, but usually doesn’t last very long. But this time was different. I had one idea but wasn’t comfortable calling it a quilting plan just yet. By this time, it was the next quilt in my queue so I loaded it on the frame. A lot of times when I don’t have a solid quilting plan something will come to mind as I load and baste the quilt on the machine. I was hoping the same thing would happen here.



So it sat, loaded on the frame, ready for me to put in the first stitch. And still nothing. This was the worst case of quilter’s block I’ve ever had. Then I shared a pic of the top in a Facebook group of other longarmer’s asking for their input. They gave me some good ideas, but none of them felt right for this particular client and her quilt. Finally I got out some preview paper and got to work. The preview paper I use is like a clear vinyl that I can draw on using dry erase markers. it allows me to see what a design will look like on the quilt without having to actually stitch it. In the end, I went with my initial plan and guess what? It was the perfect choice all along. One of these days I’m going to learn to trust my gut!

So now I am in the middle of quilting this quilt and hope to have it finished this week. It’s been waiting to be finished for far too long. Have you every experienced quilters block, and if so, how do you break out of it?

Even though I struggled with Cindy’s quilt I was far more productive in my sewing room. I finished the last 12 scrappy Razzle Berry blocks so Yay! all 30 blocks are done! I also started on the sashing strips. I am making good progress on this project and am hopeful I can have the top together soon.

Scrappy Razzle Berry blocks made by Beth Sellers of Cooking Up Quilts

I also made myself a couple of masks using this pattern by Laundry Basket Quilts. A big shout out to Kate (Life in Pieces) for sharing the mask pattern. I like this pattern better than any other I’ve used. It’s goes together quickly and fits on my face well. The shape is comfortable for me to wear with my glasses and doesn’t fog them as badly as some of the others I’ve made.

Face mask pattern by Laundry Basket Quilts

That’s it for me for finishes last week. I hope to make more progress on Cindy’s quilt this week and finish the sashing pieces for Razzle Berry. What’s on your To Do list this week?

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