Disappearing Four Patch quilted by Beth Sellers of Cooking Up Quilts

Well I did it. I finally finished the quilting on the Four Patch. Whew! This one took longer than I expected. It was all ruler and freehand, and there were multiple starts and stops in each block. I always try to find a quilting path that minimizes the starts/stops without a lot of backtracking, and I got it down to three for each block. Which means 6 threads to knot and bury per block. I didn’t even count the blocks because I just didn’t want to do the math. LOL I’ve been burying threads for two days now, and there’s definitely a light at the end of the tunnel, but I can’t finish that boring task soon enough! This quilt will go to its forever home on Thursday, so I’ve got to get the rest of those pesky threads taken care of.

Here’s a shot of the back. Hopefully it will give you a sense of the great texture. The backing fabric is a wideback Grunge and has a wonderful silky feel to it. We used wool batting from Quilter’s Dream, and it really provides great texture.

Disappearing Four Patch quilted by Beth Sellers of Cooking Up Quilts

I’m happy with this finish and glad to have it off the frame. Now it’s time to load up the next one!

In other news, I’ve been working on a new pattern and will be releasing it soon (hopefully later this week). It’s a project that has been in my sketchbook for a long time. I actually started piecing the quilt at retreat in November 2018. So it’s long overdue to be out in the world! Today I’m just going to share a teaser pic with you….you’ll see more later this week.

Razzle Berry by Beth Sellers of Cooking Up Quilts

I love Quilter’s Linen by Robert Kaufman and used it in the making of this quilt. It’s one of my favorite finishes. Stay tuned for the full reveal!

Yesterday I tried something new – something I’ve been wanting to do for a long, long time. First, yay for me – I took the day and quilted something of my own! Can you believe it? I told my husband I was being a rebel. But that’s not the something new I did. This is:

Wide Binding on Razzle Berry by Beth Sellers of Cooking Up Quilts

I have wanted to put a wide binding on one of my quilts for a while. I first saw wide bindings on quilts at Quilt Market a couple years ago, and ever since I’ve wanted to do it on one of mine. The quilt I finished yesterday was the perfect project to try it on, and I have to say I really like it. I will definitely be doing more wide bindings.

Razzle Berry by Beth Sellers of Cooking Up Quilts

Have you ever put a wide binding on your quilts?

Okay, that’s it for me today. What are you working on? I would love for you to share your projects. You can link up any blog post, Instagram or Flickr pic – here’s how:

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