Last week was a mix of ups and downs for me. I thought I was handling this whole virus/stay-at-home/social distancing thing pretty well. Turns out I might not be dealing with it as well as I thought. I decided to stay away from the news and try to focus on only positive stuff but it’s just not as easy as it sounds. Hubby wants to listen to the news All. The. Time. So I find myself running around the house with headphones on listening to whatever music I’m in the mood for at the time, which doesn’t distract me like it should because I’m irritated that I have to wear headphones in my own house to escape the scariness that is the Corona virus.

So then I go to my sewing room and close the door. But it’s piled with customer quilts that are either waiting to be quilted or have been quilted but not picked up. It’s pretty challenging to feel creative in a cluttered room. So then I get all grumpy because my room is a mess, and I start to resent being in there in order to avoid the news that is blaring throughout my house from the TV cause hubby can’t hear it unless it’s loud. Geesh!

I have avoided jumping on the ‘let’s make face masks’ bandwagon. Not because I think it’s not important, but simply because I didn’t feel I could handle it mentally. It breaks my heart that we need the masks, and I’m so worried about all the brave people who put their lives on the line everyday to try to help others. I finally ordered elastic and it should be here today. And I’m going to start sewing masks – as many as I can do. It may be a few, it may be a lot. But I think it will help, you know, help me feel like I have the tiniest bit of control over this situation we all find ourselves in.

I apologize for unloading all of this here, but sometimes it is therapeutic to just let things out….

Now let’s move on to some quilty stuff. On one of my self-imposed exiles to my sewing room I managed to make ONE block. One 8-1/2″ bird block.

bird block

This little cutie will become part of a mini quilt. Here’s the pattern and fabrics I purchased as a kit:

Feathered Friends quilt kit

This isn’t going to be a fast make for me – there were 21 pieces (!) in that bird block. I’m going to use this as my official ‘Relief from the Corona Virus’ project. The pieces are numerous and tiny, and it will require a lot of concentration to piece this little quilt – exactly the kind of distraction I need.

I found myself playing with a handful of peanut butter M&M’s the other day. It was a fun kind of distraction too. And yes, after I lined them up I popped them into my mouth one-by-one and enjoyed them! 🙂


Then I found myself snapping pictures of these pretty tulips in my flower bed:


One of the customer quilts I finished last week is this pretty pinwheel quilt by Linda.

pinwheel quilt

What I really like about Linda’s quilt is the simplicity. Three fabrics and two blocks. Easy peasy! The pinwheels give the quilt a lot of movement. I can see this pattern working with so many different prints – can you?

Here’s a peek at some fun paisley quilting I also got to do.

Paisley fill quilting by Beth Sellers of Cooking Up Quilts

I just love quilting these little paisleys. They add a wonderful texture and are so easy to stitch.

Okay guys, that’s it for me today. Now it’s your turn to share your projects. What has you excited to be in your sewing space? Join us for Main Crush Monday and link up any blog post, Instagram or Flickr pic – here’s how:

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