You might have noticed it’s been two weeks since I’ve posted. I totally let last week go by and I have no idea where it went! What I do know is that I’ve been stitching my little heart out, working on customer quilts, and trying to get as many done and out the door as I can. I have vacation coming up in a couple of weeks and would love to be as caught up as possible. So while I just plain forgot to write a blog post last week for MCM, I have to tell you I was having a ton of fun with Freddie (my hard-working longarm.) I’ll share a couple of those quilts with you today and more later in the week.

One of the quilts I got to work on was made by my friend Karen. She made her own version of my Painted Stars pattern using fabric by Alison Glass (YUM!) and Brushline by Andover.

While my own Painted Stars quilt was heavily quilted, Karen’s quilt is intended to be used and loved so we wanted quilting that was more user-friendly. I did an easy edge-to-edge called Ebb & Flow from Intelligent Quilting.

Edge to Edge quilting by Beth Sellers of Cooking Up Quilts

I’m super pleased with how it turned out, but more importantly Karen was as well. I like how the quilting design reminds me of wind blowing through a sky full of bright stars. I also really liked how fast and easy this design was to quilt.

Also, if you don’t have robotics on your computer, I think this design would be really easy to learn to free hand. I would like to try it sometime, because a girl needs all the tools in her toolbox she can fit in!

The next quilt I finished was a small quilt made in camo colors., for an 11 year old boy.

Camo quilt quilting by Beth Sellers of Cooking Up Quilts

For the design, I chose to stitch ATV’s all over. It’s the perfect design for a little guy who loves the outdoors! You can’t see the design very well in the picture above, but you can in this one:

Camo quilt quilting by Beth Sellers of Cooking Up Quilts

I hope the little guy is happy with his new quilt!

Even though I’ve been spending a lot of time in front of the longarm, I did take a break to attend the second class for the Shuriken quilt that’s being taught at our local quilt shop. Do you remember the first two blocks I showed you? I finished all the units in the first class and didn’t have any homework – I was so excited about that.

I was really looking forward to our second class. I wanted to see how much sewing I could do in class. I also want to see how these fabrics I chose are going to work together because I think they are such a crazy combo. I have to tell you – I have the brightest fabrics in class. All the other students are using way more subtle colorways. But just when I start to second guess myself, I look at my blocks and they bring a smile to my face. So I’m going to stand behind my choices and see where it takes me. 🙂

The first block we made was another square-in-a-square, but with different fabrics:

square in a square block with Tula Pink and Alison Glass

Our next block required a bit more piecing and is a bigger block at 12-1/2″ x 12-1/2″.

block by beth sellers of cooking up quilts

Ahhh, there it is!! This is where I can start to see how all those lovely Tula and Alison fabrics are going to play together. I’m also using a couple Dit Dot fabrics to pull everything together. I’m really looking forward to using more of Tula’s unicorn print, so I’m really excited for our next class. Which isn’t until September 28th!!

But that’s good news. Because I left this class with homework. Yep. I didn’t get all my blocks made. I need 8 more of the large block, and I may do this one over because I don’t like how one side of it looks. Then again, I may leave it. Just depends on how loudly my OCD screams at me….

I’m pretty pleased with my progress on this quilt and I really like that we have so much time before our next class. I’m hopeful I will finish my project with the rest of the class.

Speaking of keeping up….Cheryl released her cutting instructions for the Magnolia Mystery Quilt Along last Thursday. Don’t get too excited yet – I don’t have everything cut. BUT. I have all the pieces for Fabric A and Fabric B almost completely cut. Which just leaves Fabric C and BG. Since the next set of instructions won’t be released until September, I am almost positive I will have all the cutting done on time.

Fabric A (All Cut), Fabric B (Almost All Cut)

Today will be a busy day longarming and grocery shopping. Hopefully I can hop in the pool for a quick break – fingers crossed!

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