Welcome to another Main Crush Monday. Today is July 15…where has the year gone? I saw a fun little thing making the rounds on Facebook – something along the lines of July 4th is over so now it’s time for back to school shopping, Halloween costume making, Christmas prep, and a New Year’s party to attend because heck, it’s almost 2020! I know that’s an exaggeration, but I had to giggle because it feels so true. LOL This year is half gone and before we know it, we’ll be ringing in a new year. Better get your current projects done people! 🙂

Last week I was forced to take a break and spent some time flat on my back in bed. Seems that the ruler work on the QOV quilt I was working on did a number on my back. For several days I could barely walk, let alone stand for any time in front of my longarm. But even with all that going on I was still able to finish some quilts and I’m excited to show them to you.

First up is Robin’s purple beauty:

Robin's Patchwork quilt quilted by Beth Sellers of Cooking Up Quilts

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that purple really isn’t my favorite color. But this quilt has a special story and that makes me like it even more than I already do. Robin found these blocks that her Mother had started. She didn’t know how to quilt but once she found the blocks she knew she wanted to learn so she could finish the quilt her Mom had started.

So, she enrolled in the beginning quilting class I teach at our local quilt shop, specifically to learn how to put these blocks together. Initially Robin was planning on taking the blocks apart and re-sewing them as they weren’t all square or even the same size. After some discussion, she decided to keep them as is, and just add the sashing and borders. I’m so glad she did.

Robin did a wonderful job. Despite some of the piecing issues in the blocks, this top was straight, square, and flat when I loaded it on the longarm. It was a joy to quilt with an easy feather edge to edge design and I’m so happy with it.

Robin's Patchwork quilt quilted by Beth Sellers of Cooking Up Quilts

The backing fabric is the same as the border fabric (seen in pic above), so the quilting doesn’t really show because we used a blending thread color. But the texture shows, letting the piecing be the real star. I’m so happy Robin has a piece of her Mother to wrap herself in, and I hope she gets many happy years with her beautiful purple quilt!

The next quilt I worked on was Judy’s baby quilt. She used 30’s prints for this adorable top.

Quilting by Beth Sellers of Cooking Up Quilts

Judy told me to play with it and have fun with the quilting, so that’s exactly what I did. Those white blocks have a funky shape with the use of what I call half snow ball squares. LOL I was so happy to find the perfect digital block design to stitch in them, it fits just like it was made especially for the block.

Quilting by Beth Sellers of Cooking Up Quilts

The hearts work beautifully for a baby quilt – we always want to send extra love with a baby quilt, right?

Initially I was going to do a larger crosshatch on the print blocks, but once my back went kapluey I knew I wouldn’t be able to stand for long periods of time, or even bend over to use the ruler.

So digital Freddie to the rescue! This crosshatch pattern stitched beautifully and each of the points stopped exactly where I needed it to – inside the prints and not stepping out onto the white background fabric. The advantage to having to use the computer for those blocks is all the time it saved me. And my back was saying ‘thank you lady!’

Quilting by Beth Sellers of Cooking Up Quilts

The back is a pieced back and it really shows off the quilting (my favorite part!) Because the borders are so narrow I didn’t do any stitching in them. By the time Judy adds the binding there wouldn’t be much room to stitch any kind of a design.

I’m glad to report that after a few days rest my back is feeling much better. Several years ago I used to have some back issues, but in recent years I haven’t had any problems at all. I think this is a reminder that I’m not as young as I used to be and I should take better care of my back and body. Longarming is pretty physical and demanding, and if I want to keep at it I’m going to have to take care of me!

I also finished a quilt top given to me by my mother-in-law and pieced by my husband’s paternal grandmother. Since this post is already so long, I’ll save that and share it with you later this week. It’s a project I’m so excited about, so stay tuned!

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