Last week I was able to finish the quilting on a monster of a quilt. It was a relief to finish it because I was on deadline, but also a little sad because that meant it had to go home. Here’s what I’m talking about:

Custom Quilting on Mystery Quilt

That picture only shows about half the quilt. It measures 102″ x 102″! This is definitely one of those times I’m happy I have a large frame to load the quilt on and that I don’t have to pin baste. I don’t have any floor space big enough to spread the entire quilt out on.

For the quilting, I used a combination of rulers, free motion, and robotics. Exactly what I dreamed of doing when I added the ProStitcher to my machine.

Free Motion and computerized quilting

In the pic above you can see the paisleys (free motion) the feather block (robotics) and the arcs in the brown block and tip of the friendship star (rulers). It really is the best of all worlds!

Quilting by Beth Sellers of Cooking Up Quilts

In the outer border I stitched feathers but they barely show because of the busy-ness of the print. I probably should have just stitched a piano key border, which you probably know is my favorite border treatment. But I was excited to stay with the feather theme in the quilting, so invisible feathers it was. šŸ™‚

After the feather border there’s a small border of the cutest little circles, or pearls as they are called in ProStitcher. The feather design in the gold border is one of my favorites and I love the way it looks in this quilt.

Of course, the most fun part of the quilt is the back. Look at all that texture! I was super excited that all the threads decided to play together so nicely. I used a burnt gold color on top for a lot of the computerized designs, and an off white Bottom Line in the bobbin, and I only found one spot where the gold peeked through to the back. Success in my book!

Quilting Texture

For the paisleys and all the ditch stitching I used MicroQuilter on top, which is a 100# thread. It’s so fine I sometimes found myself unable to get hold of it – it was like threading a strand of hair. But it is a fabulous thread for creating great texture without a lot of thread build-up.

Quilting Texture by Beth Sellers of Cooking Up Quilts

So, after this monster went home I loaded up a cute little baby quilt made with fun dinosaur prints.

Dinosaur Baby Quilt

So of course I had to quilt it with a sweet dinosaur panto. This one is called Dino Swamp.

Dino swamp pantograph

The dino quilt was a quick finish. It’s very satisfying to load up a quilt, stitch it up and unload it all in the same day. I also finished the quilting on two additional quilts, so all in all a very productive week I’d say!

How about you? What are you working on this week? I hope I have the new linky code figured out. Just as I was getting comfortable with the link party they had to go and change it! LOL I know technology is always changing but it takes me a little while to catch up. Anyway, I’d love to see what you are working on, so link up below. You can link any blog post, Flickr or Instagram – here’s how:

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