My sister’s grandson is always so excited to go stay with his Nanny and Pap and he is always counting the days until it is time to go. The easiest way for him to understand is to count the ‘sleeps’. I think it’s adorable he does that. Lately I’ve been counting my sleeps until it is time to leave for retreat, and as of today I have one. more. sleep! As if I wasn’t excited enough, counting sleeps builds the anticipation. I feel like a little girl getting ready to visit Nanny and Pap! 🙂

Last week I asked you for any suggestions  you could offer to help me prepare for a 5 day, 4 night quilt retreat. The most offered tip was to have all the cutting done for any projects I plan on working on. That is a great suggestion, and I’ve been taking advantage of every spare moment I have to cut fabric, label pieces, and make sure I have everything needed for each project.

Instead of taking a project box for every individual project, I am trying to condense most of the projects into one larger plastic tote. I am packing the precut pieces in gallon size storage bags and labeling each bag. Then I can just pull out the bag for the project I want to work on, and won’t have to mess with a bunch of project boxes around my work area.

Project Tote with quilt retreat prep

There are four projects prepped in this box!

The projects in the large tote are my priority projects for the retreat. They are projects that will be given as Christmas gifts, so I want to make sure I work on them first. If I can stay focused (!), not talk too much (!!) and move a bit faster than my normal turtle speed (!!!) I just might get three of these projects turned into finished flimsies! That is the goal.

In addition to the projects in the large tote I have three additional projects prepped and ready to go. This next one did rate it’s own project box, because there are so many pieces and I’m not sure I’ll have time to get to it. It’s a new quilt pattern that I am testing again using a newer fabric line than the previous version I made. (Which still needs to be quilted…)

New quilt pattern using Smitten fabrics
I also cut into that scrumptious ombre fabric I bought a few weeks ago when Tish and I spent time with Julie, Sarah, Meta, and Irene. If I have time to play with these awesome blue/green strips okay, if not, I at least have them cut for when I do have some time.

Ombre fabric by Timeless Treasures
And finally, I have one more project I have prepped. It’s a Disappearing Nine Patch pattern, so pretty easy and hopefully quick. I’m not going to share a pic of that one just yet. It’s a gift and if the person who is receiving it sees the fabric he/she will know it is for them and I want it to be a surprise. I’m not sure they read my blog regularly but I’m not taking any chances!

So for the next several days I’m going to be getting my stitch on! I hope you get in some quality sewing time this week as well. I’m taking my computer with me so I’ll be able to read about the projects you’re working on. And now it’s time for you to link up your projects. What has you excited to be in your sewing space? I would love to have you link to Main Crush Monday! You can link up any blog post, Instagram, or Flickr pic – here’s how:


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