It’s Main Crush Monday and I have a lot to be excited about this week! My To Do list for the week is pretty big and I have lots of sewing I want to do, so I’m getting myself organized to make the best use of the time I’ll have available.

Here is what I’d like to accomplish:

1. Zipper pouches – Hubby has asked for two zipper pouches to carry in the cooler he takes to work every day. Most people take a lunch bag; my guy takes a cooler! 🙂 He totes everything around in that thing and he’s always digging around looking for keys, or his ID badge, etc. So when he asked if I could make him some pouches I was all over it. I don’t have a lot of ‘manly’ fabrics in my stash but tried to find something kinda neutral.  These two Cotton & Steel prints jumped out and I think I will use them. I can pair them up with a grey for the lining and they won’t be too girly.

Cotton & Steel Fabric pull

He would like to have Velcro on the back of them so he can attach them on the inside of the cooler. I’ll let you know how this goes.

2. Hourglass blocks – I’m working on an hour glass quilt and have been making the blocks as I have time. I usually start a project and work on it until it is finished, but I am taking my time with this one. I do have all the HST’s made and trimmed, so now it’s just sewing them together. The good thing about this project is that the pieces are ready to go, and I can sit at the machine and sew one block or three or however many I have time for. This satisfies my urge to sew when I don’t have a block of time to spend in my sewing room.

Fig Tree Fabrics Hourglass blocks

3. FMQ Sampler book – I would like to have a sampler of different FMQ designs to refer to when I need ideas for quilting a top. Last week I started on this project and finished four ‘pages’ of the book. I have grommets to put on the pages so they can be held together on a large ring, but I haven’t put them on yet. I have a lot more pages planned/drawn out, so I just need to create a page as I have time. This is also a great way for me to practice different designs.

FMQ - Clamshells or Paisley

4. It’s also time for a new handbag! Spring is here and I would like something a little brighter than my current bag.  I don’t have pics, but I do have the fabric pulled and hopefully I can fit that in this week.

So those are my goals and my crushes for this week. What are yours? I’d love to see what you’ll be working on and what has you excited. You can link up any blog post or Instagram pic. Here’s how:

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