Quilter’s have a language all their own, don’t you think? Writing the title for this post reminded me of a time my son was with me during a visit to his local quilt shop. The owner said the words ‘free motion quilting’ and we were off, talking this and that, and I didn’t think a thing about it. Until we left the store and Anthony said something about how we were speaking a foreign language to him. Made me laugh then, and still brings a smile to my face. He would shake his head if he saw this post title.

Anyway……welcome to Main Crush Monday! I’m so glad you’re here. I’ve got another {short} story for you. Saturday I was working at my local quilt shop, cutting fabric for a customer when she looked at me and asked “are you Beth of Main Crush Monday?” How cool was that? I was surprised and thrilled all at the same time. I mean, I know people are reading my blog (I talk to so many of you all the time), but I guess I never thought about anyone local reading it. It was so cool to meet a real life reader. I’m so glad you spoke up Jonelle (do I have the spelling of your name right?), and I hope you stay in touch. It was so good to meet you! Just goes to show – we never know who is following along on our quilting journey, so keep blogging bloggers!

Last week was a busy one for me. I finished several customer quilts, and now have a stack of quilts that need binding. I also finished writing the text for my next pattern and will hopefully have it available soon. I hope you guys like it!

As for my sewing room, I dug out a UFO that I started in June, 2015. Yep, three years old. It is Cheryl’s Midnight Mystery QAL. I don’t know why I’ve struggled with this one so much. It definitely doesn’t have anything to do with the design or instructions – they are so well written – but for some reason I just couldn’t make any progress. I’ve pulled it out a couple of times over the last couple years and made small bits of progress. The last time I touched it was January, 2017. I set it as my OMG goal. You can guess…I failed miserably at meeting that goal. 🙂

But now, I have one whole block put together. Ta-da! So now my UFO is officially a Work in Progress.

Midnight Mystery Star BlockSeven more full blocks and two half blocks to go and this will be a finished flimsy. All the block rows are sewn together. They just need a good pressing and then I can assemble the blocks. To be honest, I haven’t wanted to turn on the iron because it’s been so crazy hot here the last week or so. The A/C keeps the house cool, but it’s struggling. When I got in my car on Saturday afternoon the temp read 104. Now that’s hot!

Hopefully I’ll get more blocks put together this week. I also want to finish the customer quilt I currently have on my frame. This is such a pretty quilt:

Straight Line Quilting Cross Hatch QuiltingIt’s been so fun to quilt this one. It lays so flat and square. I’ve been stitching a large cross hatch design in the floral blocks, straight lines in the chevrons, and really tight loops in all the cream areas. I’m using a dark thread in the brown & floral areas which makes it difficult to see where I’ve already stitched. You’d think I’d learn, but dang, the blending thread looks so good when it leaves all that yummy texture!

So now you know what I’ll be working on this week, and I would love for you to share your projects. What has you excited to be in your sewing space this week? You can link any blog post, Instagram or Flickr pic – here’s how:

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