I am fortunate to have a few days of uninterrupted sewing time coming this week. Yes, I said days! I have been excitedly waiting for this time and have plans to work on several different projects.

Let’s face it though, I probably won’t get as much done as I think I should but I’m ready to give it a go.

My sewing room is a mess after all the OSU sewing and my shopping trip in PA a few weeks ago – I haven’t taken time to put anything away properly, I simply stuffed piles of fabric wherever there was room.

This pic shows just how messy my fabric cabinet was:

Messy Sewing Room Fabric Cabinet

So for the last couple of days I’ve been organizing, folding fabric, putting things away, and generally just cleaning up. I’m happy with the progress I’ve made. I am so much more productive in a clean and organized space. Look at that cabinet now:

Fabric storage cabinet

So now I can actually see what fabric I have!  Pretty cool…

But I have to say, I’m most excited about my scraps. Until this weekend, all my scraps were just stuffed into a few bins and then promptly forgotten. To be honest, the thought of dealing with them was so overwhelming I found myself doing nothing. I’m always searching the internet and reading anything I can find on how other quilters deal with their scraps. Which really made it worse – should I sort them by color, cut them all down into squares and strips, sort by size and if I sort by size, what size? See my dilemma?

So on Saturday I emptied every scrap container I had and started sorting. I chose to sort by color and didn’t worry about size. I gave myself permission to throw away tiny pieces that I will probably never use and I didn’t feel bad about it. 🙂

I ended up with the following color piles: reds/pinks, yellow, orange, blue, green, neutrals, gray/black/brown. I then put each color in their own bin. I discovered I use green a lot – it was my biggest scrap pile. I would never have guessed that!

Scrap fabric storage

I  am so relieved to finally have a system for scrap storage in place. This has been a project I have wanted to tackle for a long time, and having them sorted will make it easier for me to do scrap projects. Yay!

There are still some organizational things I want to do in my sewing room, but for now it’s good. I’ll be able to sew these next few days in a cleaned up space and hopefully get a few things checked off the to do list.

This cleaned up space is my crush for Main Crush Monday. What’s yours? I would love to see what projects you’re working on and what has you excited about sewing this week! You can link up any post or Instagram post – here is how:

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