I wanted to share pictures of this finish last Friday, simply because it feels like forever since I’ve had a Friday finish. But we all know that didn’t happen, so I’m happy to share this finish with you today as my topic for Main Crush Monday. Let me tell you, I am crushing hard on this quilt! I’m beyond pleased with how it turned out.

Half square triangle quilt with detailed cross hatch quiltingYou may remember I finished this top some time ago. I’ve just been waiting for my turn on my longarm to get it quilted. Yes, I had to wait my turn on my own machine! Something sounds wrong with that… 🙂

I feel like this quilt fought me every step with the quilting. To be honest, everything that went wrong was my fault. I mean, I was driving the machine.  First I wasn’t sure of the design in the small HST blocks. I stitched three of them before I decided I had to change direction and do something different. Then I stitched some of the crosshatch too close together. Then I stitched some too far apart. It was just me getting distracted and not paying attention. So I did a bit of picking out of stitches.

But really, it wasn’t as bad as I make it sound.

Close up of curved cross hatch quilting
The diamonds in the sashing rows were a lot of fun to stitch out. I took a lot of breaks to stretch out my back because I found myself bending over to get my nose close to the quilt top. I needed to see all those tiny stitches!

If you want to know how I stitched the sashing design I’ll sketch it out for you later this week.  It’s pretty easy and goes pretty quickly.

See where those straight lines are in the half square triangle blocks? (Below) I originally wanted to do feathers there. I struggled to get them to look pretty without a lot of thread build-up on the spine. That’s when I decided simple might be better, picked them out, and stitched the straight lines. The lesson I learned here – don’t be afraid to change your quilting plan mid-stream!

Half Square Triangles Straight Line QuiltingNow all I have to do is bind it, put on the hanging sleeve, and add a label. I’m hoping that will happen today. *fingers crossed*

In other news at the Cooking Up Quilts homestead, we’re having some work done on the outside of the house and it’s become a bigger job than anticipated. Doesn’t home reno always throw a surprise or two at you?

We are having new siding and a new metal roof installed. The siding crew started on Thursday and worked all weekend. Here’s an outdoor shot of the sunroom that houses Freddie Fusion.

Sunroom remodelSee all that black on the wood under the windows? Turns out all that is rotted wood. Apparently when the sunroom was built, the siding wasn’t installed correctly. So for 15 years water has been getting behind the siding and slowly rotting the wood. The guys will be making repairs today so they can finish the siding job. There is even moss growing in a couple of places. Geesh! I’m glad we found it and it’s going to be repaired. I just hope we don’t find any more surprises!

Now you know what’s going on in my world. I’d love for you to share what’s going on in yours! It’s time to share your quilty crush with us. You can link any blog post, Instagram or Flickr pic – here’s how:

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