Welcome to Main Crush Monday! Today we’re talking about thread and I’m sharing a bit of my  thread collection — or is it an obsession?  I have to confess – I added 19 cones of thread to my thread collection this past weekend. Yup. I seriously did. Fourteen mini size cones (1,094 yards each) and five large cones (6,000 yards each). That’s more than 45,000 yards of thread I brought home.

I did the math.

That’s almost 26 miles of thread. Wow!

Superior, Omni, Isacord, thread

This is what 26 miles of thread looks like!

Which got me to thinking…why? (Well, not really. I know why. I seem to have a thread addiction that just might be worse than my fabric addiction. But hey, I’m okay with that.) What I was really thinking about was thread choice. Out of all the threads on the market for quilting, why do I choose the ones I do?

In the summer of 2014 I bought a Janome 6500P and was over the moon that I would be able to do free motion quilting on this beast of a machine. My thread of choice? Gutermann’s from JoAnn Fabrics. Why this thread? Just because. I was new to FMQ, didn’t have much of a clue about what I was doing, and I had several spools of this thread around just waiting for me to do something with it. Here I am almost 4 years later and the quilt I used that thread on is just as good as it ever was.

Since then I have used many different brands and types of threads. There’s only been one that gave me trouble, and it was just one color within the brand. Other colors of the same brand have worked beautifully for me. Interestingly, this brand was also the most expensive I have purchased.

When choosing a thread for quilting, I go through a mental checklist before making my final selection. The first thing I consider is my project. Do I want the thread to stand out or should texture be the star? Am I looking for the subtleness of a matte thread, the glam of a shiny poly, or the glitz of metallic? These decisions are made before I even think about color.

Currently, my go to thread is Omni by Superior. I pair it with Bottom Line (also by Superior) in the bobbin and that combination works well together in my HQ Fusion. When I have a project that needs quilted without much fuss, these are the threads I use.

Omni is a 40# thread. It comes in 172 colors so I rarely have a problem finding the color I need, but my go to shade is Natural White. It’s a great blending color.  I use it for so many of my customers quilts, as well as for piecing my own projects.  Bottom Line is thinner at 60# and is available in 55 colors. I buy Bottom Line prewound bobbins for use in my machine and love how well this thread stitches. It’s also a great thread for micro stippling.

There are so many options when looking for a thread to add a bit of a wow factor to a quilt. These are the threads I have in my cabinet right now:

  • ·        Glide
  • ·        Isacord
  • ·        Fantastico
  • ·        Magnifico
  • ·        Omni-V
  • ·        Metallic
  • ·        YLI

Oops, Glide is missing from this pic!

Some of these are variegated, some are solid, and at least one of them comes in both solid and variegated metallic. I used a variegated metallic when I quilted Floating. You can barely make out the shine of the metallic thread and the variegation in the pic below. It’s much more visible in person.

Closeup of Quilting

Even though most of the threads listed above state they are 40#, there is a definite difference in their thickness and they perform differently in my machine. Some of them are a bit fiddly in getting the tension just right, but I don’t mind making the adjustments. Those pretty threads are worth the extra time it takes me to set them up properly.

Thread weight difference

Both threads are 40 weight, but the red looks much thinner than the darker thread.

Shortly after I began free motion quilting, I found myself getting caught up in wanting to do things like the popular quilters I spent so much time reading about. You know, that feeling that if I used the same products they did then I’d be part of the cool crowd. The funny thing about that is that I have *never* been part of the cool crowd. I have always been a bit odd, a bit different, a bit ‘stand back and quietly do things my way’.  So I’m not sure why I thought I wanted to be a cool kid now.

Anyway, I purchased several spools of a popular thread that it seemed everyone who was anyone in the online quilting world was using. And guess what? I didn’t like it! Don’t get me wrong, it’s a perfectly good thread. It’s just not a perfectly good thread for me.

I guess what I want you to take away from this post about thread choice is this: Be open to trying different threads. Try out several brands, and then use the ones that YOU like, not what you think you should use. What works for me may not work for you. You will probably not use the same thread type/brand for all your projects. When trying a new thread make sure to use the manufacturer’s recommended needle size and tension settings. Most of all, experiment and have fun! And know that it’s okay to like what you like. Just as there are no quilt police, there are no thread police either. ? Oh, one last lesson – it’s definitely okay to have a thread addiction and bring home 26 miles of thread in one day. Definitely okay….. 

Do you have a favorite thread? Please share, and tell us why your thread works for you. I’d love to hear what you use!

Here’s an update on the card trick quilt. Hubby was able to visit his Mom on Friday and delivered the quilt to her. He snapped a quick pic of it on her bed and I think it looks pretty darn good! She is really happy with it and that makes me happy. I’m so glad it fits her bed, and now she’ll have a pretty touch of home in her new place. XOXO

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