I’ll admit it, I am not the biggest fan of cutting all the fabrics first when starting a new project. I even went through a stage where I would cut a few pieces and then sew what I could before cutting a few more. I eventually realized how inefficient that method was and now I {usually} do all the cutting before starting the piecing. Even though it’s not my favorite thing to do, I will admit it’s nice to have everything cut and ready to go when I have a few minutes I can spend in my sewing room.

So yesterday I spent a bit of time working on fabric prep for a couple of projects. First up is a sample quilt for our local shop. The store is preparing for a couple of events where they will be vending, and they need samples. When Warren asked if I would make a small quilt for them of course I said yes. I mean, playing with fabric someone else has paid for is so much fun!

The fabrics he chose are from Fig Tree – their Coney Island and Strawberry Fields lines.  I love the brightness of the fabrics, and that blue is so luscious!

Fig Tree FabricsThe second project I’m working on is another quilt using the Card Trick pattern I used when I made my Twelve Year quilt. This version is in shades of blue and I’m making it for my mother-in-law. Below are the fabrics I’m using, and they are all cut and ready for piecing.

Fabric prep card trick pattern

Remember when I made her the Star Blossom quilt?

Star Blossom Quilt PatternWhile I was working on this quilt, my dear sweet hubby convinced me his Mom needed a quilt that was queen size. In my heart of hearts I knew the quilt was too big but the side of me that wants to please everyone decided to listen to hubby. (Insert rolling eyes emoji here!)

In the words of Julia Roberts, aka Pretty Woman, “Big mistake. Huge!”

Next time I’ll just nod while he’s talking and then do what I know is right.

Because the quilt is way too big for her bed. Because the woman sleeps on a full size bed and not a queen size bed. Because now I have to fix it. And there’s no way this quilt can be taken apart and made to fit her bed without a lot of editing. Which means I’m making another quilt.

I’m the teeniest bit irritated with hubby – I spent a ton of time on his mother’s quilt and I *love* the way it turned out. And she doesn’t even get to enjoy it!

This time I’m going with a pattern I know will fit her bed, and one I can put together pretty quickly.

So now I have the fabrics for two quilt projects cut and ready for when I have time to sew. I have to admit, I’m excited the fabrics are cut. How do you feel about pre-cutting your fabrics?

Fabric Prep - Two Projects

This week will be another busy week here – 3 classes, two days at the quilt shop, conference call one afternoon, two quilts to piece, and I’d like to finish two customer quilts. Time management is going to be key!

What do you have on your schedule this week? I hope it’s something fun like spending time quilting! These two projects are my what I’m crushing on this week. Now it’s time for you to share yours – what has you excited to be in your sewing space? Link up now – here’s how:

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