This is less of a Main Crush Monday post and more of a “Tips” post. I haven’t worked on any sewing projects since I finished the wholecloth baby quilt. Instead I have been setting up a new computer system at the house – I am excited about the new software I can run now and hopeful my blog comments will behave better since things are updated. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, since I’ve been a techy for the last several days I don’t have a new project I’m crushing on. I’ve got some WIP’s and maybe there will be a finish this week to share with you.

Until then, I thought I would talk to you about free motion quilting gloves. I use Machinger’s brand when I quilt and I really like them. They are not hot, they fit well, and the fingertips have a rubbery end on them which makes gripping the quilt and moving it around so much easier than trying to quilt without them.

What drives me crazy though is when I am working on a top that has a lot of stop/start threads. Depending on the project, I like to bury my threads as I quilt so I’m not faced with a ton of threads at the end. And burying those threads can be a little tricky with the FMQ gloves. I end up taking off and putting on the gloves a million times and that takes a lot of time.

So, when I’m working on a project like that I use these:

Gripper Pads for Free Motion Quilting

I picked these up at the dollar store for, you guessed it, one dollar. 😉 There are 4 in the pack, and they are super grippy on my quilt top. I just place one in the spot where I want to hold the quilt and work away.

Gripper-PadsThey stay where I put them and they don’t slip. They are easy to move and I have just as much success quilting with them as I do with the gloves. These babies have saved me so much time when burying threads!

Now I know that some quilters use the gloves and cut off the thumb and first two fingers so they don’t have to put the gloves on/off. For me, that kinda defeats the purpose of the gloves in the first place. I grip mostly with my first two fingers and thumb, so I would be losing the grip and control I’m after. The gripper pads are a great alternative to cutting my gloves.

Free Motion Quilting Gloves or Grip PadsI also have some shelf liner made from almost the same material as the grip pads. I cut some of it into rectangles about 4″x5″ and they work well too.

Just a little tip I wanted to pass along in case you have the same thread burying issues I do.

Now, on to the linky party! There were some serious crushes happening last week and shared here! Here is a review of a couple in case you missed them:

Shasta @ High Road Quilter is into some serious rule breaking with her circle quilt. 🙂 She has committed to making a block a day for 365 days….whoa!

Shasta's Circle Quilt

I love the bright spring colors in Sharon’s Summer Blooms quilt:

Sharon - Summer blooms

And Julie’s Fire Hosta quilt center is a-ma-zing! I’m looking forward to seeing the progress on this one too!

Julies Fire Hosta

Oh heck, I could just share everyone’s work – it is all so amazing! If you missed any of last week’s links you can go back and visit them by clicking here.

So now let’s see what we are all crushing on this week! You can link up any blog post, Instagram or Flickr pick – here’s how:

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