I am feeling really good right now. I just finished ironing the final border on the second of two quilts I am making for the boys of one of our friends (hereafter referred to as Fred).

flimsy quilt top pinwheels

I tried to take these outside for pictures but it is way too windy. Even just laying it on the ground didn’t work because the wind kept blowing up the edges. You should’ve seen me racing around trying to shoot the camera before the wind swept up the edges or corners. Frustrating for me, but probably pretty entertaining for the neighbors….

Pinwheels, quilt flimsy

The pinwheel blocks were fun to make but a little time consuming because of all the squaring and trimming I did. I am glad I took the time to do that though – it really made the blocks fit together nicely.

This design is not my own. I found a picture on Pinterest and used that as a guide. There wasn’t a designer or tutorial that I could find, but I appreciate whoever pinned the original photo.

Fred is from the New England area and on his last visit there purchased a nice blue fleece he wants used as the backing. It’s a nice fabric, but feels as if there is a bit of stretch to it. Have you quilted anything using fleece, and if you have, is there anything I should be aware of? I love the look of these tops and don’t want to mess them up during the quilting stage.

Flimsy Pinwheel quilt blocks

This shot makes the bottom border look wider than the other borders, but they are all cut at 8-1/2″ to finish at 8″.ย  I hope to start basting these tonight and would love to hear any advice you might have for working with the fleece.

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