I’ve spent the past few days thinking about this post and considering whether I should write it or not. You’ll see why when you get to the end of it.

I decided that I had to write it though, because the topic means a lot to me as a pattern writer. So here we go.

By now you’ve probably seen lots of posts popping up in blogland and other social media talking about May is For Makers.

May is For MakersThe #MayIsForMakers movement began with Lindsey (read her original post here) and has really resonated within our online quilty community. I totally understand Lindsey’s point of view and support her in getting the word out on this sometimes sensitive subject.

When I first began blogging I had no idea of the wonderful quilting community I would become a part of. I have been navigating my way through all aspects of quilt making – piecing tops, learning to free motion quilt, quilting for others, designing quilts and writing patterns. Much of what I have learned has been through the free content I have found on the Internet. Through it all, I have received support from so many of you. It has been invaluable to me.

During my journey, I have discovered two truths about myself. I love the actual quilting of a top after it is pieced, and the most fun thing I do is design and write patterns. I have much to learn in both these areas, but I am just so excited to get up everyday and discover whatever new will happen when I get in my sewing room that day.

When I announce a pattern release and someone buys a copy I literally do a happy dance around my house (just ask hubby- he thinks I’m nuts!) I’m not dancing because someone just sent me $$ — although that is an upside! — I’m dancing because someone actually liked what I did enough to want a copy of the pattern. To paraphrase Lindsey, that makes my heart SING!

Now, the #MayIsForMakers movement is all about supporting indie designers – a different one for each week of the month – and showing those designers how much we appreciate all their hard work. Because, as a lot of you know, writing those patterns and publishing them is not an easy task!

Lindsey’s post is not about guilting anyone into purchasing patterns. There is so much free content on the Internet that a person could make all the projects they want and never have to pay a penny for the tutorials, video’s and other free content. I love free just as much as the next person.

But I also appreciate a well-written and thought-out pattern that provides detailed info, illustrations, and project tips. And I want to reward the person who puts their time, effort, and money into creating a pattern for something I want to make.

So this month I am committing to joining in and showing my appreciation to five pattern writers — one each week of the month — and sharing my purchases with you over the next few weeks. It is a small way for me to say Thank You. I hope you might consider doing the same.

Because I am a few days behind on this, I will share my purchased pattern and the designer with you tomorrow, and my second one next week.

Now for the part about why I almost didn’t write this.

May is a big month for me. Mother’s Day, my Dad’s birthday, my 2-year blogiversary!!!, Memorial Day.  All to be celebrated.

And I’ll be celebrating with you. How?

By providing a free pattern, tutorial, and a couple of giveaway’s. It’s my way of saying thank you to you, the readers of this blog, for reading, commenting, and sharing your own quilting journey with me. I appreciate all of you so much, I wish I could tell each one of you in person!

So, while giving away stuff might seem to conflict with the #MayIsForMakers movement, it really doesn’t. It just highlights Lindsey’s message, which is to provide support so all the free stuff can keep coming. We’re going to have a great month together. 🙂

Now, go forth and find a pattern or two you can’t live without!  Tell the designers what they do matters. I hope you’ll join me in supporting all the Makers this May – I’m looking forward to seeing your choices and hearing about the designers who matter to you!