Locally I am only able to purchase about 10 different colors of Kona Solids fabric. The stores available to me don’t stock many solids for whatever reason. Which is sad, because I would kinda like to make a quilt using all solids.

A couple weeks ago I ordered Kona Berry, thinking it would be a strawberry-ish color because that’s how it appeared on my computer screen. Imagine my surprise, and dismay, when it was delivered and was totally not what I expected.

Kona Solid Berry

This is Berry. Hmm….

I ordered a yard and received 1-1/2 yards because it was end of bolt.  So even though it’s not the color I wanted, I scored some extra fabric.  Yay me!

Kona solid Pomegranate

This is Pomegranate. Think these two colors are alike?

I normally don’t like to spend my money on gadgets and whatnots; I think it’s much better to spend it on fabric. But after the Berry incident I sucked it up and ordered the Kona color card.

Kona Color Card

I am SO glad I did!  I was so excited when it finally arrived and I was able to see each and every color.  All three hundred and three of them, including the 32 colors recently added to the collection. Now there will be no more guessing, finger-crossing, or praying that I’ve ordered the right color. This color card is going to be so helpful and worth every penny.  I’m telling myself it will even save me money since I won’t end up with Berry when I really want Pomegranate.

Kona solid pomegrante berry

Is this a tool that you use? What quilty gadgets do you like?