…So far that I may never get out! All because of these:

Hexies Scrap Fabric


You all know that I was looking for an easy and portable project to take with me on my visit with my mother-in-law. These little things seemed easy enough and are definitely portable.

I have been {quietly} drooling over all the wonderful hexie projects I’ve seen in the last year or so. I knew that one day I might try making these little odd shaped things, and this felt like the perfect time to start.

So I found some downloadable templates on the internet (get your own here), and read a couple of tutorials (this one was my favorite.) Last night I decided to make one — ONE — to see if this would be something I would like.

Stack of Completed Hexies

I think we can safely say I like making hexies. In fact, I really like making them.

I love how portable they are. I also really like that I can leave a few supplies on my end table and make a few here and there throughout my day.

This is definitely going to be a project that travels with me. I don’t know what I’m going to do with them yet, but I know inspiration will hit.

If you haven’t tried making hexies yet, I say go for it! They are so freakin’ fun!! 🙂

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