It’s been soooo long since I’ve had a Friday finish to share – I can’t even remember how long! So I decided to search my blog to find out exactly how long it has been. June 9th, people! Over 4 months since my last Friday finish. Hmm…. I gotta work on that….

(If you want to see what it was, hop on over to read all about it. I won’t blame you if you’ve forgotten what it was. 😉 )


With only a couple of seams left to sew on the Alison Glass version of ‘Floating’ since I last posted, it seemed likely that I would have a finished flimsy soon.  And by golly, I got it done!

Floating patternI am smitten with this quilt, and it isn’t even quilted yet. I love the fabrics so much, I’ve been calling it the Alison quilt. When I said something about ‘Alison is done’ in the quilt shop the other day, one of the girls thought someone named Alison finished her quilt. Haha!

Floating PatternI hope to load this for quilting later today – I just have to get the backing put together. I still have no idea how I’m going to quilt it, but I know inspiration will hit. Hopefully sooner rather than later. 🙂

But wait – there’s more!

I have a second finish to share with you today. I know! Hold on to your pants! I didn’t piece the quilt, but one of my customer’s did. She then graciously allowed me to quilt it. I like this quilt so much I don’t want to give it back.

Barn Quilt

When I started quilting I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I started with feathers in all the dark brown chevrons. I love feathers but am not 100% comfortable quilting them, so I want to push myself to do them when I can. I used a thread color that blended well so mistakes aren’t as easily seen. But the blending thread can be a bit of a curse too because it makes it so difficult to see the quilting.

Feathers FMQThey feathers show really well here – I took this picture outside with the sun shining from the side. Most of the feathers look really good, a few of them are wonky. But I’m getting more comfortable stitching this design and will keep on keeping on!

In the other areas I used a stipple and figure 8’s. I’m happy to say I had no tension issues. Which is a very good thing because I used a dark brown thread on the back and a cream colored thread on top.

I had originally planned on doing a more dense design in the barn panel squares. But the customer wanted a quilt that was soft and cuddly so I ditched my plan and did the stippling instead. It was a good decision.

FMQ Figure 8's feathers

For the borders, I used one of my favorite designs – piano keys. I just love the look of them!

piano key border fmq

This quilt was such a pleasure to work on. It was almost perfectly square and there were no waves, puffy blocks, or any other wonky issues. I had so much fun.

Here’s another pic – just because:

Barn Quilt

I’m excited with these two finishes. Maybe I’ve got some of my quilting mojo back! Oh, and I also finished the quilting on a baby quilt for our local Quilts for Kids group, but didn’t take a pic. So technically – THREE finishes for the week. Whew! I’m tired! 🙂

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and have some finishes of your own in your very near future. I’m going to share my finishes on Finish it up Friday, and Myra’s Finished or Not Friday party. Hop on over to see all the amazing projects!