Hi – Happy Wednesday! I’m just popping in today to share a couple quilts I recently finished for Ashley and Janelle. These are two very different quilts, but both were fun to work on.

First up is Ashley’s cross stitch quilt.

Cross Stitch quilt

Quilting these cross stich quilts is usually pretty easy. The blocks come pre-marked with stitching lines, and Ashley always wants her tops quilted right on those lines. So, no thinking about quilting designs for me! I just grab a ruler and quilt on the lines. I also ditch stitch between the columns and rows to keep everything nice and straight.

cross stitch quilt texture

If you look closely you can see the premarked blue lines

When I first starting quilting these tops I stressed over staying exactly on the lines. However, once the quilts are washed the blue lines disappear and the stitching looks perfect. I call that a win!

Next up is Janelle’s quilt. Janelle made this for her daughter and I really like the colors she used. We decided to quilt an all over design, and landed on loopy flowers with swirls.

Nine Patch quilt with quilted loopy flowers
The quilting gives such great texture. It’s a fun design to quilt, and while it covers the top nicely it’s not too dense. The quilt still has a nice cuddly feel to it and will soften up even more once it’s washed and dried. Don’t you love quilts taken fresh from the dryer? Yum…..

FMQ loopy flowers and swirls
If you are looking for a nice all over design that is forgiving and easy to quilt, give the loopy flowers a try. I think you’ll really like it!

That’s it for me today. Now I’m off to do more quilting!

Have a great day!