Hi Everyone! It’s been several months since I’ve written anything here, and I apologize for being out of touch. I’ve missed checking in here, sharing the work that I’m doing, and conversing with you. Although I have read your blogs these last few months, I haven’t commented much at all. So even though you haven’t heard from me, I’ll confess that I have been an internet lurker. (Is that a real word?? Hmm..)

The last quarter of 2019 was full of family health issues, including a serious life event for my sister and a major surgery for my husband. These two things, combined with my teaching schedule and all the holiday deadlines I had to meet with my longarming business sucked up all my time and I had no energy left for anything else.

The good news is that quilty sister is making great progress, and hubby is on the mend. Hopefully he’ll be able to drive again this coming Thursday. He can’t wait! Being forced to rely on someone else for pretty much everything is not fun for him (or me), so gaining that independence will do him a world of good.

On the quilting side of things, I’ve been busy busy! I’ll confess, I didn’t take pictures of all the quilts I got to work on. I was really just focused on loading, quilting, trimming, and moving on to the next project. But I did snap a few here and there, and I’d love to share them with you now.

One of the most fun quilts I was privileged to work on was this Quilters Patch quilt made by Robin. This was a blast to quilt! Robin’s only instructions were to ‘have fun’ and ‘don’t quilt on the applique flowers in the border’. So, I had fun!

Quilters Patch quilt from Connecting Threads quilted by Beth Sellers of Cooking Up Quilts

If you look close in the pic above, you can see the smoke I quilted coming out of the chimney. I loved that little touch.

Piano Key quilted border

The top border got some piano keys, and the background of the butterflies was just some freehand swirls.

Quilting this top made me want to make one of my own. I have so many ideas for the quilting! Guess I better get to piecing… If you want to make one of your own, the pattern is called Quilter’s Patch and it’s available on Connecting Threads (no affiliation).

Another quilt that I enjoyed working on was this beauty by Melanie.

Melanie's Batik Quilt

The top is made all from batik fabric. I was a bit worried about quilting it at first. Batiks can be a bit temperamental to quilt on a longarm and I don’t have that much experience with them. But I had absolutely no issues at all. It quilted like a dream. I used a combination of free motion, ruler work, and computerized quilting on this top. I love how I can combine all these techniques and create a quilting design that looks cohesive and beautiful. You can see some of the different quilting motifs in the pic below.

Melanie's Batik Quilt

2019 did not see me having a lot of personal finishes. However, I did manage to put together one quilt. Only because I took a class and we had a show & tell scheduled for December. But, it doesn’t matter why I got it done – what matters is that I actually did it! LOL Seriously, I think it is the ONLY quilt I managed to make the entire year. I had fun with it, using a combination of Tula Pink and Dit Dot fabrics to make what I call my Unicorn quilt.

My Tula Pink Unicorn Quilt

All those bright colors are so ME! I really enjoyed making this in a class setting. It held me accountable, and I was able to keep up on my homework. Our show & tell session was postponed until the end of this month. So I’ll get a better full-view picture for you later.

There are a few squares in the quilt that I’ve decided to embroider on, just to make the quilt more me. Since I’m calling it my Unicorn quilt, guess what I’m embroidering? You guessed it!

Unicorn embroidery

I have three more blocks to embroider. I’ll share them with you when I get them finished. I would really like to have this top quilted before our show & tell, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to do that. I have four custom quilt jobs lined up, so fitting in one of my own quilts may not happen until February.

I know that there have been several posts written recently about goals and planning for 2020. I always enjoy reading them. I haven’t gone so far as to write my own goal post, but I do have some goals and some plans for 2020. The most important of these is to do better with scheduling the customer quilts that come my way so that I am not always facing a time crunch, and so that I have time to work on my own projects. If I am able to achieve this one goal, I will consider 2020 a successful year!

I’m so happy to be back! I can’t wait to read more about what you are working on, and I really look forward to talking to you. So leave me a comment letting me know what your main goal is for 2020 or sharing the latest project you’re working on.

Talk soon!