Often there is a project that takes off on Instagram or makes the rounds on lots of quilty blogs. Usually I resist jumping in, mostly because I already have so many projects on my to do list and don’t want to add another just because it seems like everyone else is.

However, when I saw all the One Hour Baskets popping up on Instagram I was right on it! First of all, it’s a one hour project. Surely I can find an hour, right? Secondly, it’s a basket – who can’t use another basket? I love baskets!

One Hour Basket Craftsy tutorial

Yesterday I whipped up two of these and I just know I will be making more. This dragonfly basket was the first one I made – look at that darling fabric! I think this one will go in the living room to keep remote controls in.

I have had this shoe/boot fabric for a little while and I think it made a cute basket.

One Hour Basket Shoe Fabric

This one will be going to my sister because she liked the fabric when she visited.

The only change I made to the pattern was to add interfacing to the lining. I like the added structure, and the fusible fleece on the outer layer keeps the basket nice and soft.

I timed myself on the second basket. It took me one hour and 51 seconds. I figure the 51 seconds was cutting the interfacing for the lining and fusing it to the fabric…. 🙂

If you want to make your own baskets, the pattern is a free download on Craftsy. Have fun, but be careful.  These are addictive!! 🙂