….and neither will I.

Oh. I just realized how that sounds. Let me clarify – I was never going to QuiltCon 2017 for personal reasons beyond my control, but I had hoped my little quilt might be making the trip.

Now we both get to stay home together.

Here was my entry:

Tearful Mini Quilt

I Cry

Read more about this mini quilt by clicking this link. 

I entered this quilt on the last day, at almost the last hour. I didn’t make it with the intent to enter it in any shows, but at the last minute I thought it might be a good candidate.

After seeing the quilts that did not make it into QuiltCon and those that did, I can totally see why my mini wasn’t juried in.

Am I upset? Not at all.

This is the first juried quilt show I’ve submitted my work to, so my expectations were pretty low. The number of entries is overwhelming, and I can’t imagine the work the judges put in to narrow down the field.

It would have been nice to share the story about why the quilt was made, but there will be other shows and other opportunities. And if I’m honest, and looking at the quilt with a critical eye, I can see how it could be improved. Maybe I’ll make another one with those changes, maybe I won’t. The important thing is that I put my work out there for the world to see. I jumped off that cliff.

I jumped, I was told No. But I’ll do it again. And again. And one day, someone somewhere will say Yes. Then we can all do a big happy dance together. 🙂

Congratulations to everyone who submitted a quilt that was accepted – I know they will look amazing all displayed together and wish I could be there to see them.

To everyone who submitted and was told No, hang in there. Next year we’ll hold hands and jump off that cliff together!