It’s a Happy Day! Happy Diamond quilt day! It’s finished and I’m just so pleased with it. Actually, I think I’m more pleased that I actually finished something. The only other quilt I completed, someone else quilted it and put the binding on. So, I’m proud of myself for getting it from start to finish AND it didn’t take me forever.


Happy Diamonds - All finished!

Happy Diamonds – All finished!

I found that I really enjoy just about every part of the quilt making process. I didn’t even mind the basting part, but I know that’s because I wasn’t crawling around on the floor (not a pretty sight!).

One of the things I struggled with in the beginning was keeping my seams at 1/4″. About halfway thru, I found a 1/4″ foot for my machine and boy, did that help! If you don’t have one for your machine, I highly recommend it. My Dad always said the right tools make a job so much easier and it is so true.


I love the backing fabric.  It adds great personality to the quilt.

I love the backing fabric. It adds great personality to the quilt.

This quilt is so playful, with all the bright colors and the crisp white background. And that backing! I drool whenever I see it……..


Binding in same fabric as backing

Binding in same fabric as backing

I did the binding in the same fabric as the backing, because I had enough and it works. Actually, any of the bright colors would have been nice, or even a multiple color binding. There are lots of options with this quilt.


Close up of the quilting

Close up of the quilting

My sister keeps asking me who I’m making this quilt for. I didn’t make it for any specific person, but someone will come along sometime that will benefit from this quilt. Meanwhile, it’s gonna make me smile every time I see it!