Good, good, good, good vibrations… that little tune has been bouncing around in my head since last week, when I quilted this sweet quilt for Karen.

I *love* this quilt. Like, I didn’t want to give it back love. I like it so much that I plan on making one almost exactly like it for myself. You know, when I don’t have anything else to do. 😉

But seriously, when Karen came to the shop to buy the fabrics I was working that day. I liked her fabric selection so much that as I cut each fabric for her I cut myself the same piece. That’s just one of the many pitfalls of working at the local quilt shop! LOL Anyway, we both went home with the same stack of gorgeous aged muslins.

Karen is a much faster piecer than I am, so her top was done quickly. My stack of fabrics made it home and are in a project box just waiting for the day when I’ll get them out to play. Meanwhile, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to quilt Karen’s top.

We decided to keep the quilting simple in order to let the quilt design be the star. At first we thought straight line quilting but I really felt the top needed some curves to soften all those straight lines. And to be honest, if the piecing was off just the least little bit, it would be amplified by a straight line design. Although I didn’t need to worry – Karen’s piecing was spot on. I found the Good Vibrations #2 pantograph at Urban Elementz and it was *perfect* for her quilt. It stitched out quickly and I had her top finished in just a few hours. If you want this design for yourself, click here to get your own paper or digital version (no affiliation.)

I can’t wait to stitch this design on one of my own quilts. Meanwhile, I’ll just keep listening to that song worm in my ear!